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Operation (Illustration 2: Control Panel) - AEG AR 4023 DVD Instruction Manual

3”/7.6 cm car radio with dvd/usb/card reader
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When disposing of old batteries you should strictly
comply with the legal and environmental regulations
applicable in your country. Do not throw batteries into
• The lithium cell in the battery compartment of the
remote control has been secured for transport with a
Before initial use please remove
this foil so that the remote
control is ready for operation.
• The lifetime of the enclosed
battery may be shortened
because of storage.
The battery of the remote control is a long-life lithium
cell. If the range of the remote control is reduced during
use, please proceed as follows:
• Open the battery compartment on the back of the
remote control.
• Replace the cell by a battery of the same type
(CR 2025). Ensure correct polarity.
• Then close the battery lid.
If the remote control is not used for a prolonged period,
remove the batteries in order to prevent battery acid
Do not expose the batteries to high temperatures or
direct sunlight. Never throw batteries into the fire. There
is a danger of explosion!
Batteries are not to be disposed of together with
domestic wastes. Dispose of the used batteries at the
relevant collection bin or at your dealer's.
The signals from the remote control are transmitted to
the device by infrared light. You should therefore ensure
that the device is not in direct sunlight. This might make
transmission of the signals from the remote control to
the device impossible.
Effective range of the remote control
Point the remote control at the remote control sensor on
the right next to the display on the front of the device.
The distance between remote control and sensor should
not exceed 5 m. The angle of the remote control to the re-
mote control sensor to right, left, top and bottom should
not exceed 30°.

Operation (Illustration 2: Control Panel)

Some keys are to be found both on the device itself
and on the remote control. Keys with the same desig-
nation have the same function.
Press the
- button to release and detach the front
control panel.
On/Off Button
Press this button to switch the device on. Keep this
button pressed to switch the device off.
Switches off the volume quickly. "MUTE" appears on
the display. To cancel this function, press the MUT
button again.
BND/AMS Button
a) Radio Operation
Press once shortly:
Briefly press the BND/AMS button to switch
between FM (FM) and AM (medium wave) bands.
The designation of the corresponding level FM 1,
FM2, FM3, AM1, AM2 appears in the LCD display.
Press and hold down:
Hold down the BND/AMS button to start the
automatic station search. The stations are stored
in ascending order of frequency.
b) CD/MP3/DVD mode
Switch between the colour systems PAL, NTSC
and AUTO.

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