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Connection; Operating Instructions; Starting Up - AEG AR 4023 DVD Instruction Manual

3”/7.6 cm car radio with dvd/usb/card reader
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Connect the device as shown in the diagram.
1 Antenna connection
4 LINE OUT (Preamp out-
Audio Cinch output L/R
for amplifier
PIN Assignment of the ISO connection
The PIN assignment of the ISO connection may vary
between several vehicle models, in spite of the plugs and
sockets being of identical design. Before installation, you
must therefore compare and check whether the PIN as-
signment of the ISO connection matches the assignment
in the vehicle.
PIN Power supply
A 1 Unassigned
A 2 BRAKE Hand brake
A 3 Unassigned
A 4 Continuous B+
A 5 Control voltage for
antenna or output stage
max. load 100 mA!
A 6 Unassigned
A 7 ACC + (Ignition)
A 8 GND Earth –
First place the control panel
in position on the left hand
side and then lock it in place
on the right. Then turn the
control element up until it
5 ISO connection B
6 ISO connection A
(Power supply)
7 Car fuse (15 A)
PIN Speaker connection
B 1 RR + (Rear right +)
B 2 RR – (Rear right –)
B 3 FR + (Front right +)
B 4 FR – (Front right –)
B 5 FL + (Front left +)
B 6 FL – (Front left–)
B 7 RL + (Rear left +)
B 8 RL – (Rear left –)
• Do not attach the removable control panel until
after connection of the cables.
• Please use loudspeakers with an impedance of
4 ohm.
• The loudspeaker cables must be unearthed.
• If a subwoofer is connected, an amplifier is required.
• The earth connection cable (BRAKE) must be con-
nected in order for DVD pictures to be played back
to the monitor. If the cable has not been properly
connected the message "ATTENTION YOU CAN NOT

Operating Instructions

1. If the front control panel is removed while in the
Radio or CD Mode, the device continues the playback
for a few minutes and then switches off.
2. Any errors (ERROR) occurring during operation can be
corrected by pressing the RESET button. Use a piece of
wire or similar item to press the RESET button (15) in
order to return the electronics to its original state.
3. If the interior of the vehicle becomes very hot, for
example after standing in direct sunlight for a pro-
longed period, do not switch on the player until the
inside of the vehicle has cooled down a little after you
have been driving for a few minutes.
4. In order to keep the removable control panel in a
safe place you should always use the protective case
5. Playback of CDs/DVD produced by the user cannot be
guaranteed due to the large variety of software and
CD/DVD media available.
6. Playing back video files via USB or Memory card:
In rare cases, short-term audio or video interference
may occur during playback of video files via USB
or memory cards. Due to the different compression
methods and bit rates depending on the content of
the picture, the flow of data may be "sluggish".
Should there be problems with playback, stop the file
by using the Pause button. Wait a few seconds and
start playing the file again.

Starting up

Remote control battery installation
Leaking out battery acid can damage your health. Re-
move the battery from the battery compartment as soon
as it is exhausted or if the remote control is not going
to be used for a longer period of time. Wipe up leaked
out battery acid with a cloth. In case of skin contact im-
mediately wash the affected area. Seek medical advice if
battery acid has been swallowed. In case of contact with
your eyes wash out the eyes and seek medical advice.

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