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Advanced Intercom Features; Receiving An Incoming Call During An Intercom Call; Using Intercom With External Telephone Calls - RCA 2111 User Manual

Dect 6.0 multi-handset speakerphone


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a) If the user has not entered the paged handset number within
a few seconds, the handset displays a paged handset number
list (i.e. Handset 2, Handset 3, Handset 4) if Handset 1 is paging
the handset .
b) Even if the handset has not been registered with all 4
handsets, the paging list displays all handset numbers.
c) If the user has selected a paged handset number that has not
been registered, the handset emits an error tone and ask the
user to retry again.
A long beep is heard and then the two handsets are immediately
connected. Receiving handset shall immediately come into the auto
intercom mode that both "microphone" and "speaker" of this receiving
handset shall be enabled such that the user of receiving handset can
freely talk and listen to the conversation.
When finished, press the END button or delete/int/conf button on
either handset to deactivate the intercom.
NOTE: The system is expandable up to 4 handsets (by purchase
of optional Model 2110 handset with recharge cradle). When
4 handsets are registered, the system can handle 2 separate
intercom operations at once, for example, 1st handset
intercoms with 2nd handset while 3rd handset intercoms with
4th handset .

Advanced Intercom Features

Receiving an Incoming Call During an Intercom Call

If you receive a telephone call during an intercom call, an incoming call
alert tone will be heard (through the earpiece or speaker). If the user wants
to answer an incoming call, they must press END to terminate the intercom
and receive an incoming ring.

Using Intercom with External Telephone Calls

During a telephone call, you may use the intercom/paging function to
page another handset and have an off line, private (two-way) intercom
conversation. You may also have a three-way conversation between
the external caller and the handsets, or you may transfer the external
telephone call to another handset .


Table of Contents

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