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RCA ViSYS 25255RE2 User Manual

RCA ViSYS 25255RE2 User Manual

2-line intercom speakerphone dect6.0 corded/cordless handset telephone answering system
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2-Line Intercom
Speakerphone DECT6.0
Handset Telephone
Answering System
User's Guide
V i S Y
V i S Y
V i S Y S
V i S Y


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for RCA ViSYS 25255RE2

  • Page 1 2-Line Intercom V i S Y S V i S Y V i S Y Speakerphone DECT6.0 ™ V i S Y Corded/Cordless Handset Telephone Answering System User’s Guide 9,...
  • Page 2: Equipment Approval Information

    Equipment Approval Information Notification to the Local Telephone Company Notes fi US Number is located on the cabinet bottom REN number is located on the cabinet bottom Rights of the Telephone Company...
  • Page 3: Interference Information

    Privacy of communications may not be ensured when using this phone. Warning:...
  • Page 4: Fcc Rf Radiation Exposure Statement

    FCC RF Radiation Exposure Statement base unit cordless handset Information for DECT Product...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Equipment Approval Information Telephone Operation Interference Information -Making calls with the cordless handset Licensing -Making calls with the corded handset (from the base) Hearing Aid Compatibility -Making calls in the speakerphone mode (from the base) FCC RF Radiation Exposure Statement -Making calls in the speakerphone mode (from the handset) Information for DECT Product -Making calls with the optional headset...
  • Page 6 Table of Contents Cont. Answering System Operation -Answering system on/off -Recording incoming messages -Monitoring incoming calls -Memo record -Memo recording -Message/memo playback -Erasing messages -Remote access from remote party -Memory full Changing the Battery Battery Safety Precautions Display Messages Handset Sound Signals -Backup battery operation Troubleshooting Guide -Telephone solutions...
  • Page 7: Introduction

    Introduction CAUTION: When using telephone equipment, there are basic safety instructions that should always be followed. Refer to the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS provided with this product and save them for future reference. IMPORTANT: Because cordless phones operate on electricity, you should have at least one phone in your home that isn’t cordless, in case the power in your home goes out.
  • Page 8: Installation

    Installation Digital Security System Your cordless phone uses a digital security system to protect against false ringing, unauthorized access, and charges to your phone line. INSTALLATION NOTE: Some cordless telephones operate at frequencies that may cause or receive interference with nearby TVs, microwave ovens, and VCRs.
  • Page 9: Handset Layout

    Handset Layout Visual Indicator 3 Soft keys Display DND/ Privacy (button) (Speaker button) Exit Headset Jack (button) (button) VOL +/- (buttons) (button) (button) Talk (button) # Pause (button) Redial * Tone (button) (button) Mute/ Del (button) Menu/ Flash Int/ Hold (button) (button)
  • Page 10: Base Layout

    Base Layout Vol +/- (buttons) Display DND/ Privacy (button) Ans Sys / Next / Prev (button) (button) (button) One Touch/ 3 Soft Keys Memory Log buttons Exit (button) Play/ Stop (button) Memo (button) Delete (button) Headset Jack * Tone (button) Speaker (button) Redial...
  • Page 11: Installing The Phone

    T-T104 (GP, 2.4V, 550mAh),...
  • Page 12: Base Station

    Base Station fl NOTE: If the low battery icon appears in the display, you need to replace the batteries. It is important that you replace them as soon as possible to maintain unit operation when electrical power is off. As a precaution, you may want to write down any stored information you do not want erased.
  • Page 13 Line 1 Line 2 fi Line 1 + 2 Line 2 Line 1...
  • Page 14 Line 1 Line 2 Line 1 & 2...
  • Page 15: Programming The Phone

    Programming the Phone Standby Screen NOTE: The Soft keys will change according to the status of the unit. NOTE: The base LCD has a dedicated “SET CLOCK” icon flashing when the clock is not set. Please go to menu “Phone Setting- Date /Time” to set the clock. Programming Functions Answering SYS., Voice Mail and Restore Setting.
  • Page 16: Date/Time

    Date/Time From the Phone Setting Menu: Date/Time 2. Press SELECT Soft key. 3. LCD will display last-set time (or, if the device is new or has been reset to default, the LCD will display 12:00AM 01/01/11) 4. Use the dial-pad to enter digits for the current time and date. Note: Use DIR/CID button to move the cursor and the AM/PM softkey to set the time AM or PM.
  • Page 17: Dial Mode

    Dial Mode (only applicable for base) From the Phone Setting Menu: Dial Mode SELECT 3. Use the VOL (- or +) button to toggle between L1 and L2 and press Select soft key to confirm, then use the VOL (- or +) button to scroll to Tone or Pulse. SELECT NOTE: The Dial mode only can be set in the base menu.
  • Page 18: Register

    Press REG to initiate registration Add Headset (only applicable for base) Note: This wireless headset option is only compatible with the RCA 25065RE1. From the Phone Setting Menu: Talk On/Off Note: Only one cordless Headset may pair with a base unit.
  • Page 19: 2Nd Call Alert

    2nd Call Alert From the Phone Setting Menu: 2ND Call Alert SELECT SELECT Handset Name (only applicable for handset) From the Phone Setting Menu: Handset name SELECT Handset NOTE: If you make a mistake, press DIR/CID button to move the cursor forward or backward, and then use the mute/del button to backspace and delete one character at a time.
  • Page 20: Contrast

    Language From the Display Setting Menu: Language SELECT English , Francais Espa ol ñ English SELECT Contrast From the Display Setting Menu: Contrast SELECT SELECT Backlight (only applicable for base) From the Display Setting Menu: Backlight SELECT Always On Automatic SELECT Sound Setting menu...
  • Page 21: Ring Volume

    Ring Volume From the Sound Settings Menu: Ring Volume SELECT 3. Use the VOL (- or +) button to toggle between L1 and L2 and use the VOL (- or +) button to scroll to your selection.The default setting is VOL 3. SELECT Key Tone From the Sound Settings Menu:...
  • Page 22: On/Off Status

    MENU Answering Sys. SELECT On/Off Status From the Answering Sys Menu: On/Off Status SELECT Line1 or Line2, press select softkey and then use Vol(- or +) button to select On or Off. SELECT Outgoing Message (OGA) Playback From the Answering Sys Menu: OGA Playback SELECT Use VOL(- or+) to select Line1 or Line2, press select softkey and then use Vol(- or +)
  • Page 23: Set Office Time

    NOTE: If you select the option “TIMED”, the “Work Hours” OGA and “After Hours” OGA MUST berecorded first. When there is an incoming call, the “Work Hours” OGA or “After Hours” OGA will be played to the caller according to the office time you set. Set Office Time From the Answering Sys Menu: Set Office Time...
  • Page 24: Ring Delay

    Ring Delay From the Answering Sys Menu: Ring Delay SELECT Use VOL(- or+) to select Line1 or Line2, press select softkey and then use Vol(- or +) button to select from 2 rings to 6 rings or toll saver. SELECT NOTE: When the Toll saver is selected, the unit will answer the incoming call after 3 rings if there is new message.
  • Page 25: Remote Password

    Remote Password From the Answering Sys Menu: Remote Password SELECT 000. 3. Use the Clear Soft key to delete the current Remode password,then use the touch-tone pad to enter your desired 3-digit security code. SAVE NOTE: Use the Clear soft key or Delete button can delete the exist numbers and then enter the new password.
  • Page 26: Making Calls In The Speakerphone Mode (From The Base)

    Then press the SPK button to switch to the speakerphone mode. fi Making Calls with the RCA Wireless Headset Please refer to the Instruction Booklet for your RCA Wireless Headset for instructions on setup and use. Making Calls with a Wired Headset headset fi...
  • Page 27: Pre-Dialing

    Press the headset button on base to answer the call in headset mode. 5. Press the Talk On/Off button on the cordless headset (only applicable for RCA 25065RE1). press Spk button (in speakerphone) or When finished, hang up the corded handset or...
  • Page 29: Redial

    Redial Talk headset fi line redial DIAL NOTE: If the number you dialed is longer than 32 digitals, It will not be saved in the redial list and can't be redialed. Reviewing the Redial Numbers redial Spk Talk line NOTE: If you do not select a line button, the line is automatically seized and the number is dialed accordingly.
  • Page 30: Transferring A Call To Another Extension

    Transferring a Call to Another Extension 1. Press XFER Soft key when the phone is in Talk mode. The current call is put on hold. 2. Use VOL (- or +) to select the desired handset or base you want to transfer to, and then press the SELECT Soft key.
  • Page 31: Hold

    Hold hold Line X ON HOLD fl fl line LINE line Conference Calls Join a call in progress: line NOTE: If the privacy feature is On for the original call, the call cannot be joined by another user. 3-way conference call by an intercom call: intercom intercom Talk...
  • Page 32: Intercom Calls

    Intercom Calls One-Touch/Memory Log One-Touch/Memory Log One-Touch/Memory Log intercom SELECT fi NOTE: To abort intercom call, press the STOP Soft key. NOTE: If the receiving station does not answer within 30 seconds, the intercom call is cancelled. You will hear an error tone and the screen displays Unavailable .
  • Page 33: Caller Id (Cid)

    Caller ID (CID) IMPORTANT: In order to use this unit’s Caller ID features, you must subscribe to either the standard Name/Number Caller ID Service or Call Waiting Caller ID Service. To know who is calling while you are on the phone, you must subscribe to Call Waiting Caller ID Service.
  • Page 34: Saving A Cid Record To The Phone Directory

    Saving a CID Record to the Phone Directory NOTE: If you want to change the format of the CID number to 7, 10 or 11 digits and save it in the directory, press the FORMAT Soft key to format the CID number rst before pressing the STORE Soft key.
  • Page 36: Directory & One-Touch Memory

    Directory and One-Touch Memory Adding Directory Entries Enter Name NOTE: More than one letter is stored in each of the number keys so it requires more than one press for some letters. For example, for the letter “B” press the number 2 key twice.
  • Page 37: Reviewing Directory Records

    NOTE: More than one letter is stored in each of the number keys so it requires more than one press for some letters. For example, for the letter “B” press the number 2 key twice. To add a space press the 1 key. NOTE: The name field cannot be left empty.
  • Page 38: Copying A Directory Record

    NOTE: If an incoming call number matches this record the VIP Tone Melody will ring. SELECT NOTE: Press the BACK Soft key to keep the previous setting (making no changes). Copying a Directory Record In the extension handset: COPY Copy Current Record or Entire Directory? CURR ENTIRE Record Copied to Base Unit!
  • Page 39: Deleting A One-Touch/Memory

    Deleting a One-Touch /Memory delete NOTE: Press the exit button to cancel the “delete” function. Dialing a Directory Record Dial a directory record while in Talk (handset only) mode: Talk Spk line DIAL Dial a directory record while reviewing it: Talk speaker line 1/2 Dialing a...
  • Page 40: Answering System Operation

    Answering System Operation There are two mailboxes in the system. One is for Line 1 and another is for Line 2. For memo recording, you can select which mailbox is used to record the memo. Answering System On/Off Press and hold the base Ans Sys button for 2 seconds, the Base unit will show the On/Off Status menu, setting the On/off status please refer to the Answering On/Off section.The Answering a system light illuminates when the function is activated.
  • Page 41: Memo Record

    Memo Record memo memo Press VOL (- or +) button to toggle between Mailbox 1 or Mailbox 2, press SELECT button to confirm. Record memo after beep Recording FINISH NOTE: The maximum duration allowed for memo is the same as the message length setting in the menu.
  • Page 42: Erasing Messages

    Erasing Messages To erase a message while it is playing delete To erase all previously played messages in a mailbox delete Delete all messages in line X mailbox? Remote Access From Remote Party NOTE: The default security code is 000. NOTE: Only the message being played can be erased in remote access mode.
  • Page 43: Memory Full

    T-T104 (GP, 2.4V, 550mAh),...
  • Page 44: Display Messages

  • Page 45: Handset Sound Signals

    Handset Sound Signals Signal Meaning fi Backup Battery Operation...
  • Page 47: Caller Id Solutions

    Caller ID Solutions No Display No Caller ID Battery...
  • Page 49: Warranty Assistance

    1-800-511-3180 1-800-511-3180.
  • Page 50: Limited Warranty

    What your warranty covers: For how long after your purchase: What we will do: How you get service: What your warranty does not cover:...
  • Page 52 Model 25255RE2 T0008003 (REV 12-32 Printed in China 25255RE2...

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