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Mute; Receiver Volume Control; Do Not Disturb (D-N-D); Intercom Operation - RCA 2111 User Manual

Dect 6.0 multi-handset speakerphone
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1. Press the find button on the base. All handsets beep for two minutes,
and each handset's screen displays FIND HANDSET.
To cancel the page, press the find button on the base, or press the
TALK/SPEAKER button or the END button on each handset.


To have a private, off-line conversation, use the MUTE feature. The party
on the telephone line cannot hear you, but you can hear them.
1. Press the mute/menu OK button. The handset screen displays MUTE ON.
2. Press the mute/menu OK button to cancel and return to your phone

Receiver Volume Control

When the handset is ON (in TALK mode) you may adjust the receiver
volume by pressing the caller ID-volume ( or ) button. There are five
volume levels to choose from. When the maximum or minimum volume
level is reached, the phone beeps twice. VOL 1 is minimum and VOL 5 is

Do Not Disturb (D-N-D)

This feature allows you to turn off all the handset ringer(s) at once, by
pressing one button at the base unit , even though the ringer volume of
handset(s) has been preset .
1. In the standby mode, press the do not disturb button on the base.
The DND indicator illuminates and the handset screen displays .
To cancel, press the do not disturb button again.
NOTE: You can press the do not disturb button and activate the
function immediately, even when there is an incoming call
ringing in, or during call screening after the call is taken by the

Intercom Operation

(applicable only with additional handsets)
The intercom feature allows you to have a conversation with another
registered handset without tying up the telephone line, allowing you to still
receive incoming calls.

Making an Auto Intercom Call

Make sure the handset is OFF (not in TALK mode).
2. Press the delete/int/conf button on the handset.
Use the touch-tone pad to select the handset you want to page.



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