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Flash/Call Waiting; Last Number Redial; Exit; Paging From The Base/Group Page - RCA 2111 User Manual

Dect 6.0 multi-handset speakerphone


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4. Press #pause/ringer button again to save and display the new
selection for a few seconds.

Flash/Call Waiting

If you subscribe to the combined Call Waiting Caller ID service from your
local telephone company, you will receive Caller ID information (if available)
on Call Waiting calls. During a phone call, you will hear a beep to indicate
another call is waiting on the line and Caller ID information for the waiting
call shows on the handset display.
To connect to the waiting call, press the flash button on the handset ,
and your original call is put on hold.
To switch between the two calls, press the flash button.

Last Number Redial

You may redial a number up to 20 digits long. To quickly redial the last
number you dialed:
1. Press the TALK/SPEAKER button.
2. Press the redial/format button.
3. Press the redial/format button first , then use the caller ID-volume (
or ) button to select the desired redial number.
- Press the caller ID-volume () to review the oldest call and scroll toward
the most recent calls (higher numbers).
- Press the caller ID-volume () to review the newest call and scroll to
older calls (lower numbers).
NOTE: You may choose from the last three numbers that were
4. Press the TALK/SPEAKER button. The number dials automatically.
If you get a busy signal and want to keep dialing the number, press the
redial/format button to quickly redial the number.


Press the END button to exit a menu function and return to the standby
The page feature helps you locate a misplaced handset . To send and
receive pages, all handsets must be registered. If your handset is not
registered, follow the instructions in the Registration section of this manual.

Paging from the Base/Group Page

Use the base-only to page all registered handsets at the same time.


Table of Contents

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