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Making A Call; Answering Calls; Call Timer; Auto Standby - RCA 2111 User Manual

Dect 6.0 multi-handset speakerphone
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Making a Call

1. Press the TALK/SPEAKER button. Dial the desired number.
- OR -
Dial the number first, and then press the TALK/SPEAKER button.
- OR -
Press the caller ID-volume ( or ) button to select the desired record,
and then press the TALK/SPEAKER button.
When finished, press the END button to hang up.
NOTE: You may enter up to 28 pre-dial digits.
NOTE: If you want to delete the pre-dial number you entered,
press the delete/int/conf button until all of the digits are erased.

Answering Calls

When the phone rings, pick up the handset and press the TALK/
SPEAKER button.
When finished, press END button to hang up.
- OR -
If the auto talk mode is selected, pick up the handset from the charge
cradle to answer the call immediately.
NOTE: Adjust the handset volume by pressing the caller ID-
volume ( or ) button during a call.

Call Timer

After you press the TALK/SPEAKER button on the handset , the built-in
call timer shows on the display and counts the length of time of the call in
minutes and seconds.

Auto Standby

If you place the handset in the cradle while the handset is off the hook
(during a call), the call is automatically disconnected.

Ringer Volume (Shortcut)

There are two ways to set the ringer volume. One is the traditional way
as described in the Programming Functions; Sound Setup; Ringer Volume
menus. The other one is this short cut to ringer menu.
Make sure the phone is OFF (not in TALK mode).
2. Press the #pause/ringer button to display SET RINGER LEVEL 5.
Use the caller ID-volume ( or ) button to scroll to your selection.
LEVEL 5 is the default setting.



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