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Telephone Operation; Visual Indicators; Base; Handset - RCA 2111 User Manual

Dect 6.0 multi-handset speakerphone
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2. Press the mute/menu OK button to enter the menu. The screen
displays YES NO. The default setting is NO.
Use the caller ID-volume ( or ) button to move the cursor to YES
or NO.
NOTE: If you choose YES all the settings in the programmable
menu are returned to factory default setting.
4. Press the mute/menu OK button to save your selection. You will
hear a confirmation tone.

Telephone Operation

Visual Indicators


The charge/in use indicator on the base will flash to alert you to an
incoming call, during paging, or if you have a message waiting from your
service provider. The indicator will remain lit when a handset is in the base
charging or when the line is in use.


The TALK/SPEAKER indicator buttons flash when you receive a call and
remain lit during a call.
The keypad and CID will also illuminate when a call is received.

VMWI / Visual Ringer Indicator on Handset

IMPORTANT: In order to use this unit's Voice Mail Waiting Indicator
(VMWI) feature, you must subscribe to this service from your phone
The VMWI indicator on the top of the handset flashes when you receive a
new message from your service provider. Also, it serves as a Visual Ringer
function. It will flash when there is an incoming call.

Speakerphone Operation

NOTE: If you are using the speakerphone, remain close to
handset so the party you are speaking to can hear you.
If you are using the earpiece and want to switch to the speakerphone,
press the TALK/SPEAKER button, press END button to end conversation.
If you are using the speakerphone and want to switch to the earpiece,
press the TALK/SPEAKER button again, press END button again to end



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