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Wall Mounting The Phone - RCA 2111 User Manual

Dect 6.0 multi-handset speakerphone
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4. Place the handset in the base cradle. The charge/in use indicator turns
on, verifying the battery is charging.
Allow the phone to charge for 16 hours prior to first use. If you don't
properly charge the phone, battery performance is compromised.
CAUTION: To reduce risk of personal injury, fire, or damage
use only the power adaptor (Manufacturer: ESL,Type:
IA5060, 120Vac/6Vdc/500mA; Manufacturer: Nan Tong
DaMing, Type: DM-SC060058, 120Vac/6Vdc/0-0.58A) listed
in the user's guide. This power adaptor is intended to be
correctly orientated in a vertical or floor mount position.

Wall mounting the phone

To detach the desktop pedestal:
Plug one end of the straight telephone line cord into the jack on the
bottom of the base.
2. Feed the line cord through the groove and plug the end into the
modular telephone jack. Excess telephone line can be stuffed into the
recess area on the bottom of the Base Unit .
3. Connect the small end of the power adaptor into the POVER 9V DC jack
on the back of the phone plug the other and into an AC power outlet .



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