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WARNING! Pride recommends that you do not operate your scooter in icy or slippery
conditions or on salted surfaces (i.e., walks or roads). Such use may result in an accident,
personal injury, or adversely affect the performance and safety of your scooter.
WARNING! Do not operate or store your scooter where it may be exposed to inclement
weather conditions such as rain, snow, mist, and below freezing temperatures (such as
storage on an outside car/van lift). Attempting to operate the scooter in such conditions
can damage the electronics and potentially result in loss of control.
Your scooter is equipped with a manual freewheel lever that, when pulled up, allows the scooter to be
pushed. For more information about how to place your scooter into and out of freewheel mode, see V. “Your
Victory XL-4.”
WARNING! When your scooter is in freewheel mode, the braking system is disengaged.
n Disengage the drive motors only on a level surface.
n Ensure the key is removed from the key switch.
n Stand behind the scooter to engage or disengage freewheel mode. Never sit on a
scooter to do this.
n After you have finished pushing your scooter, always return it to the drive mode to lock
the brakes.
Failure to heed the above could result in personal injury and/or damage to your scooter.
An added feature built into the Victory XL-4 is “push-too-fast” protection which safeguards the scooter
against gaining excessive speed while in freewheel mode.
“Push-too-fast” operates differently depending on which of two conditions exists:
n If the key is switched “off” while in freewheel mode, the scooter’s controller activates regenerative
braking when the scooter is pushed faster than a maximum threshold which has been preprogrammed.
In this case, the controller is acting as a speed governor.
n If the key is switched “on” while in freewheel mode, you will encounter considerable resistance at any
This prevents the scooter from gaining unwanted momentum should the manual freewheel lever inad
vertently be released while driving the scooter.
Victory XL-4 /RevC/June03
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