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  • Page 2 S A F E T Y G U I D E L I N E S An authorised Pride Provider or qualified technician must perform the initial setup of this Travel Scooter and must perform all of the procedures in this manual.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    III. YOUR TRAVEL SCOOTER ....................18 IV. BATTERIES AND CHARGING ..................22 OPERATION ..........................27 VI. COMFORT ADJUSTMENTS ....................29 VII. DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY ...................31 VIII. BASIC TROUBLESHOOTING ..................33 IX. CARE AND MAINTENANCE ....................35 WARRANTY ..........................38 APPENDIX I - SPECIFICATIONS ....................39 Elite Traveller Plus
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Pride to enhance or preserve the safe use of this product.
  • Page 5 EMI-RFI — This product has been tested and passed at an immunity level of 20 V/m. Unlocked and in freewheel mode. Place unit on level ground and stand to one side when changing from drive mode to freewheel mode or freewheel mode to drive mode. Locked and in drive mode. Elite Traveller Plus
  • Page 6 Keep your hands away from the tyres when driving. Be aware that loose fitting clothing can become caught in the drive tyres. Do not expose to heat sources such as open flame or sparks. Do not transport batteries with flammable or combustible items. Elite Traveller Plus...
  • Page 7 Always replace both batteries at the same time. Do not place the scooter in freewheel mode when on an incline or decline. Disposal and recycling—Contact your authorised Pride Provider for information on proper disposal of your Pride product and its packaging.
  • Page 8: Your Travel Scooter

    Pride has designed and engineered your Travel Scooter to provide maximum mobility and utility. A wide range of accessories is available from Pride to further customise your scooter to better suit your needs and/ or preferences. However, under no circumstances should you modify, add, remove, or disable any feature, part, or function of your Travel Scooter.
  • Page 9 Travel Scooter. MANDATORY! Stay within the specified weight capacity for your Travel Scooter. Exceeding the weight capacity voids your warranty. Pride will not be held responsible for injuries and/or property damage resulting from failure to observe weight limitations.
  • Page 10 1 may put your Travel Scooter in an unstable position and cause it to tip. WARNING! Never carry an oxygen tank weighing more than 6.8 kg (15 lbs.). Never fill the front or rear basket with contents exceeding 6.8 kg (15 lbs.). Elite Traveller Plus...
  • Page 11 Regenerative: Uses electricity to rapidly slow the vehicle when the throttle control lever returns to the centre/stop position. Disc Park Brake: Activates mechanically after regenerative braking slows the vehicle to near stop, or when power is removed from the system for any reason. Elite Traveller Plus
  • Page 12 WARNING! Even though your Travel Scooter may be capable of handling greater obsta- cles, Pride recommends that you do not attempt to negotiate a kerb that has a height greater than 5 cm (2 in.). Doing so could cause instability in your Travel Scooter.
  • Page 13 Use your hand to turn the knob or push the handle or push-bar. Drive your Travel Scooter gently and slowly forward to push the door open. Or drive your Travel Scooter gently and slowly rearwards to pull the door open. Elite Traveller Plus
  • Page 14 If you will be transporting your Travel Scooter during travel, you may find it necessary to use a vehicle- mounted lift system or elevation product to aid in transportation. Pride recommends that you closely review the warnings, instructions, specifications, and safety information set forth by the manufacturer of the lift/elevation product before using that product.
  • Page 15 MOTOR VEHICLE TRANSPORT Pride recommends that you do not remain seated in your Travel Scooter while traveling in a motor vehicle. The Travel Scooter should be stowed in the boot of a car or in the back of a truck or van with the batteries removed and properly secured.
  • Page 16 Bending to the side while seated creates the risk of tipping. It is important to maintain a stable centre of gravity and keep the Travel Scooter from tipping. Pride recommends that the Travel Scooter user determine his/her personal limitations and practice bending and reaching in the presence of a qualified attendant.
  • Page 17 WARNING! The addition of accessories or components to the electrically-powered mobility vehicle can increase the susceptibility of the vehicle to EMI. Do not modify your Travel Scooter in any way not authorised by Pride. WARNING! The electrically-powered mobility vehicle itself can disturb the performance of other electrical devices located nearby, such as alarm systems.
  • Page 18 Release the throttle control lever and allow your Travel Scooter to come to a complete stop before engag- ing the other side of the lever. When the throttle control lever is completely released, it automatically returns to the centre “stop” position and engages your Travel Scooter’s brakes. Elite Traveller Plus...
  • Page 19 Stand to the side of the Travel Scooter to engage or disengage freewheel mode. Never sit on a Travel Scooter to do this. After you have finished pushing your Travel Scooter, always return it to the drive mode to lock the brakes. Elite Traveller Plus
  • Page 20 If the main circuit breaker trips frequently, you may need to charge your batteries more often. You may also need to have your authorised Pride Provider perform a load test on your Travel Scooter’s batteries. If the main circuit breaker trips repeatedly, see your authorised Pride Provider for service.
  • Page 21 NOTE: When installing the front and rear fender panels, make sure the tab at the bottom of each panel is inserted into the tab opening before securing the panel. See figure 10 and 11. Elite Traveller Plus
  • Page 22: Batteries And Charging

    PROHIBITED! Do not allow unsupervised children to play near the Travel Scooter while the batteries are charging. Pride recommends that you do not charge the batteries while the Travel Scooter is occupied.
  • Page 23 For the safest and most efficient charging of your Travel Scooter’s batteries, we recommend use of the charger supplied as original equipment with your Pride product only. Any charging method resulting in batteries being charged individually is espe- cially prohibited.
  • Page 24 Do not use wet-cell batteries, which have removable caps. WARNING! Corrosive chemicals are contained in batteries. Use only AGM or Gel- Cell batteries to reduce the risk of leakage or explosive conditions. NOTE: Sealed batteries are not serviceable. Do not remove the caps. Elite Traveller Plus...
  • Page 25 NOTE: If you encounter a damaged or cracked battery, immediately enclose it in a plastic bag and contact your local waste disposal agency or authorised Pride Provider for instructions on disposal and battery recycling, which is our recommended course of action.
  • Page 26 What about public transport? If you intend to use public transportation with your Travel Scooter, you must contact the transportation provider in advance to determine their specific requirements. Elite Traveller Plus...
  • Page 27: Operation

    Pull on the right handgrip to steer your Travel Scooter to the right. Move the tiller to the centre position to drive straight ahead. To stop, slowly release the throttle control lever. The electronic brakes will automatically engage when your Travel Scooter comes to a stop. Elite Traveller Plus
  • Page 28 If the power down timer feature takes effect, perform the following steps to resume normal operation: 1. Remove the key from the key switch. 2. Reinsert the key and power up your Travel Scooter. Elite Traveller Plus...
  • Page 29: Comfort Adjustments

    LEVER rest, then reinsert the detent pins. ARMREST ADJUSTMENT KNOB 5. Tighten the armrest adjustment knobs. Figure 16. Seat Adjustments NOTE: Pivot the armrests upward to aid in getting onto and off of your Travel Scooter. Elite Traveller Plus
  • Page 30 See figure 19. Remove the screws to separate the small basket from the Travel Scooter. NOTE: As a precaution, avoid placing wallets, keys, or valuable items in the storage area. Figure 19. Front Storage Area Elite Traveller Plus...
  • Page 31: Disassembly And Assembly

    1. Lower the tiller and tighten the tiller adjustment knob. 2. Lift up on the frame release lever until the frame hooks are no longer resting on the lower frame tube. 3. Slowly separate the two sections of the Travel Scooter. See figure 23. Elite Traveller Plus
  • Page 32 6. Unlock the front wheel by turning the tiller lock knob 90° anticlockwise. See figure 22. WARNING! After assembly, make absolutely certain the tiller lock knob is in the unlocked position before riding your Travel Scooter. FRAME RELEASE LEVER FRAME HOOK LOWER FRAME TUBE Figure 23. Frame Release Lever Elite Traveller Plus...
  • Page 33: Basic Troubleshooting

    Return the throttle control lever to position at start up. centre position, turn scooter off then back on. Speed pot error. Call your authorised Pride Provider for assistance. Motor volts error. Call your authorised Pride Provider for assistance. Other internal errors.
  • Page 34 Ensure both ends of the charger power lead are inserted fully. If the battery pack fuse continually blows, contact your authorised Pride Provider for service. What if my Travel Scooter does not move when I press the throttle control lever? When the manual freewheel lever is pushed forward, the brakes are disengaged and all power to the motor/transaxle assembly is cut.
  • Page 35: Care And Maintenance

    Regularly check all wiring connections. Regularly check all wiring insulation, including the charger power lead, for wear or damage. Have your authorised Pride Provider repair or replace any damaged connector, connection, or insula- tion that you find before using your Travel Scooter again.
  • Page 36 DRIVE WHEEL WASHER solid tyre insert, either the solid insert or the entire wheel must be replaced depending on model. Contact your authorised Pride Provider for information regard- ing replacement wheels for your Travel Scooter. AXLE SLOT WARNING! Wheels on your Travel...
  • Page 37 Your Travel Scooter must be disposed of according to applicable local and national statutory regulations. Contact your local waste disposal agency or authorised Pride Provider for information on proper disposal of packaging, metal frame components, plastic components, electronics, batteries, neoprene, silicone, and polyurethane materials.
  • Page 38: Warranty

    (tyres, belts, bulbs, upholstery, plastic shrouds, motor brushes, fuses, and batteries), or damage to the product caused by misuse or accident for which Pride or its agent cannot be held responsible. This war- ranty does not include labour or service calls.
  • Page 39: Appendix I - Specifications

    Test conducted at maximum weight capacity. Battery weight may vary based on manufacturer. NOTE: This product conforms to all applicable ANSI-RESNA testing requirements and ISO 7176 series EN12184 standards. All specifications subject to change without notice. Elite Traveller Plus
  • Page 40 (16.25 - 17.75 in.) 3.81 cm (1.5 in.) 102.24 cm (40.25 in.) 43.18 cm (17 in.) 43.18 cm 116.2 cm (17 in.) (45.75 in.) Turning Radius 53.66 cm (21.125 in. ) Figure 27. Travel Scooter Dimensions Elite Traveller Plus...
  • Page 41 N O T E S Elite Traveller Plus
  • Page 42 N O T E S Elite Traveller Plus...
  • Page 44 Mobility Products Australia Pty. Ltd. *INFMANU4087*...

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