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X I . C A R E A N D M A I N T E N A N C E
.Console, Charger, and Electronic Controller Module
n Keep these areas away from moisture.
n Before operating your scooter, allow any of these areas to dry thoroughly if they have been exposed to
In the event a fuse should blow (cease to work):
1. Remove the fuse by pulling it straight out of its slot.
2. Examine the fuse to be sure it is blown. See figures 8 and 8A.
3. Insert a new fuse of the proper rating.
WARNING! The replacement fuse must exactly match the rating of the new fuse. Failure
to use properly rated fuses may cause damage to the electrical system and may result
in personal injury.
If you plan on not using your scooter for an extended period of time, it is best to:
n Fully charge its batteries prior to storage.
n Disconnect both battery harnesses.
n Store your scooter in a warm, dry environment.
n Avoid storing your scooter where it will be exposed to temperature extremes.
WARNING! Always protect batteries from freezing temperatures and never charge a frozen
battery. This damages the battery and can cause personal injury.
For prolonged storage, you may wish to place several boards under the frame of your scooter to raise it off
of the ground. This takes the weight off the tires and reduces the possibility of flat spots developing on the
areas of the tires contacting the ground.
Victory XL-4/RevC/June03


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