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V I . B A T T E R I E S A N D C H A R G I N G
Use these specifications to reorder deep-cycle batteries from your authorized Pride Provider:
Why do my new batteries seem weak?
Deep-cycle batteries employ a different chemical technology than that used in car batteries, nickel-cad-
mium batteries (nicads), or in other common battery types. Deep-cycle batteries are specifically designed
to provide power, drain down their charge, and then accept a relatively quick recharge.
We work closely with our battery manufacturer to provide batteries that best suit your scooter’s specific
electrical demands. Fresh batteries arrive daily at Pride and are shipped fully charged to our customers.
During shipping, the batteries may encounter temperature extremes that can influence their initial perfor-
mance. Heat diminishes the charge on the battery; cold slows the available power and extends the time
needed to recharge the battery.
It may take a few days for the temperature of the batteries to stabilize and adjust to their new room or
ambient temperature. More importantly, it takes a few charging cycles—partial draining followed by full
recharging—to establish the critical chemical balance that is essential to a deep-cycle battery’s peak perfor-
mance and long life.
Please follow these steps to properly break-in your new batteries for maximum efficiency and service life.
1. Fully charge any new battery prior to its initial use. This initial charging cycle brings the batteries up to
about 88% of their peak performance level.
2. Operate your scooter in familiar and safe areas. Drive slowly at first, and do not travel too far from your
home or familiar surroundings until you have become accustomed to the controls and have properly
broken in the batteries.
3. Fully recharge the batteries. This recharge should bring the batteries up to about 90% of their peak
performance level.
4. Operate your scooter again.
5. Fully recharge the batteries again.
6. After four or five charging cycles, the batteries are able to receive a charge of 100% of their peak
performance level and are able to last for an extended period of time.
How can I ensure maximum battery life?
Fully charged deep-cycle batteries provide reliable performance and extended battery service life. Keep
the batteries fully charged whenever possible. Batteries that are deeply discharged, infrequently charged, or
stored without a full charge may be permanently damaged and cause unreliable performance and limited
service life.
Battery Specifications
Deep-cycle (AGM or Gel-Cell)
NF-22 batteries are recommended, U-1 batteries are optional
12 volts each
55 AH (NF-22), 32 AH (U-1)
Victory XL-4/RevC/June03


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