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Safety; Safety Precautions - Pride Sundancer Owner's Manual

Pride sundancer mobility scooter.
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It is imperative that you read this entire manual and understand all of the safety precautions before you attempt to
operate your new Sundancer for the first time.


n Do not carry passengers on your Sundancer.
n Do not leave the key in the switch when your Sundancer is unattended.
n Make certain that the seat is locked into place and that the key is removed from the key switch before getting
on or off of your Sundancer, and make certain that the seat is in a locked position when you are operating your
n Reduce your Sundancer’s speed when you are operating it on uneven terrain, soft surfaces, and around a
n Never drive your Sundancer across the side of an incline or diagonally up or down an incline; do not stop, if
possible, while driving up or down an incline.
n Proceed with extreme caution as you approach the downgrade of a ramp or incline and when driving near a
raised surface or unprotected ledges and drop offs (kerbs, porches, stairs, etc.).
n Never remove your Sundancer’s anti-tip wheels or modify your Sundancer in any way that is not authorized by
n Use extreme caution when operating your Sundancer on busy streets and in parking lots or shopping malls;
never ride your Sundancer where you cannot safely and legally walk. Consult local municipal or state agencies
with regard to operating your Scooter on public roadways.
n Do not operate your Sundancer while you are under the influence of alcohol.
n Check with your physician if you are taking any medications that may affect your ability to operate your
Sundancer safely.
n Keep your hands on the tiller and your feet on the floorboard when you are operating your Sundancer.
n Make certain that the tyres are properly inflated (30 psi).
n Never use your Sundancer as a seat in a moving vehicle.
n Make certain that your Sundancer’s batteries are properly secured when you are transporting your Scooter in
another vehicle.
n Disconnect your Sundancer’s batteries if you will not be using the Scooter for more than 48 hours.
n Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds. Wash hands after handling.
WARNING! Do not expose the electronics to any type of moisture (rain, snow, mist, or wash) at any
time. Such exposure can damage the electronics. Never attempt to ride a Scooter that has been
exposed to moisture until it has dried thoroughly.
Do not operate or store your Scooter where it may be exposed to inclement weather conditions
such as rain, snow, mist, and below-freezing temperatures (such as storage on an outside car/van
lift). Attempting to operate your Scooter in such conditions can damage the electronics and
potentially result in loss of control.
Do not operate your Scooter in icy or slippery conditions or on salted surfaces (i.e., walks or roads).
Such use may result in an accident, personal injury, or adversely affect the performance and/or
safety of your Scooter.
Always protect batteries from freezing temperatures and never charge a frozen battery. This will
damage the battery and may cause personal injury. Attempting to charge a battery in freezing
conditions does not prevent a battery from freezing.
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