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Pride Celebrity X-6 Owner's Manual

Pride mobility celebrity x-6 scooter owner's manual.
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Owner's Manual
The Ultimate In Style & Performance
Unit 106, Heyford Park Camp Road
Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire OX25 5HA


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Pride Celebrity X-6

  • Page 1 Owner’s Manual ® The Ultimate In Style & Performance Unit 106, Heyford Park Camp Road Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire OX25 5HA
  • Page 2 We reserve the right to make changes as they become necessary. Any changes to our products may cause slight variations between the illustrations and explanations in this manual and the product you have purchased. Copyright © 2006 Pride Mobility Products Ltd. INFMANU3305/RevA/May 2006...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    IV. YOUR SCOOTER ........................18 BATTERIES AND CHARGING .................... 23 VI. OPERATION ..........................28 VII. COMFORT ADJUSTMENTS....................30 VIII. DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY ..................33 IX. BASIC TROUBLESHOOTING ..................... 35 CARE AND MAINTENANCE ....................37 XI. WARRANTY..........................40 Celebrity X-6
  • Page 4: Introduction

    I N T R O D U C T I O N SAFETY Welcome to Pride Mobility Products Ltd. (Pride). The product you have purchased combines state-of-the-art components with safety, comfort and styling in mind. We are confident the design features will provide you with the conveniences you expect during your daily activities.
  • Page 5: Ii. Safety

    Unlocked and in freewheel mode. Place unit on level ground and stand behind or to one side when changing from drive mode to freewheel mode or freewheel mode to drive mode. Locked and in drive mode. Front-to-rear plug orientation. Celebrity X-6
  • Page 6 Failure to heed could result in personal injury and/or property damage. Prevent personal injury and equipment damage. Do not connect an extension lead to the AC/DC converter or the battery charger. Contact with tools can cause electrical shock. Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 7 REMOVABLE PARTS WARNING! Do not attempt to lift or move your scooter by any of its removable parts. Personal injury and damage to the scooter may result. Celebrity X-6
  • Page 8: Your Scooter

    When driving down a ramp, keep the scooter’s speed adjustment set to the slowest speed setting to ensure a safely controlled descent. Avoid sudden stops and starts. Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 9 1 and 1A may put your scooter in an unstable position and cause it to tip, resulting in personal injury. WARNING! Never carry an oxygen tank weighing more than 6 kg (13 lbs.) Never fill the front or rear basket with contents exceeding 6 kg (13 lbs.). Celebrity X-6
  • Page 10 Regenerative: Uses electricity to rapidly slow the vehicle when the throttle control lever returns to the centre/ stop position. Disc Park Brake: Activates mechanically after regenerative braking slows the vehicle to near stop or when power is removed from the system for any reason. Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 11 See figures 3 and 3A. WARNING! Do not attempt to negotiate a kerb that has a height greater than 5 cm (2 in.). KERB KERB Figure 3. Correct Kerb Approach Figure 3A. Incorrect Kerb Approach Celebrity X-6
  • Page 12 Use your hand to turn the knob or push the handle or push-bar. Drive your scooter gently and slowly forward to push the door open. Or drive your scooter gently and slowly rearwards to pull the door open. Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 13 WARNING! If you anticipate being seated in a stationary position for an extended period of time, turn off the power. This will prevent unexpected motion from inadvertent throttle control lever contact. Failure to do so may result in personal injury. Celebrity X-6
  • Page 14 WARNING! Prevent personal injury! Keep your hands away from the tyres when driving. Be aware that loose fitting clothing can become caught in drive tyres. Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 15 NOTE: For further information on EMI/RFI, visit the Resource Center on If unintended motion or brake release occurs, turn your scooter off as soon as it is safe to do so. Contact your authorised Pride Dealer to report the incident. Celebrity X-6
  • Page 16 4-Wheel Turning Radius 104.14 cm (41") 144.80 cm (57") 61 cm (24") Figure 4. Scooter Dimensions 8.89 cm 10.16 cm (3.5”) (4”) 25.40 cm 25.40 cm (10”) (10”) Figure 4A. Front Tyre Dimensions Figure 4B. Rear Tyre Dimensions Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 17 (1) Varies with user weight, terrain type, battery amp-hour (AH), battery charge, battery condition and tyre condition. (2) Due to manufacturing tolerances and continual product improvement, this specification can be subject to a variance of (+ or – ) 3 %. NOTE: All specifications subject to change without notice. Celebrity X-6
  • Page 18 Use these buttons to turn on the left and right turn indicator (amber) lights. See figure 5. Push the left button to activate the left turn indicator light. Push the right button to activate the right turn indicator light. The signals are timed to shut off automaticaly. Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 19 The image of the tortoise represents the slowest speed setting. The image of the hare represents the fastest speed setting. Off-board Charger Port The off-board charger power lead plugs into this port when charging the batteries. See figure 6. Figure 6. Off-board Charger Port Celebrity X-6
  • Page 20 The motor/transaxle assembly is an electromechanical unit that converts electrical energy from your scooter’s batteries into the controlled mechanical energy that drives the scooter’s wheels. BATTERY BATTERY MANUAL FREEWHEEL LEVER MOTOR/TRANSAXLE ASSEMBLY ANTI-TIP WHEELS Figure 8. Rear Section Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 21 NOTE: If the scooter is placed in freewheel mode (manual freewheel lever forward) while the key is in the “on” position, the scooter will not run until the manual freewheel lever is pushed backward and the key is turned to the “off” position, then back to the “on” position. Celebrity X-6
  • Page 22 WARNING! DO NOT leave the scooter in freewheel mode when securing it for transport. WARNING! DO NOT use your scooter as a seat in a moving vehicle. SECUREMENT POINTS SECUREMENT POINTS Figure 10. Rear Securement Points Figure 10A. Front Securement Points (3-wheel) SECUREMENT POINTS Figure 10B. Front Securement Points (4-wheel) Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 23: Batteries And Charging

    WARNING! Prevent injury and/or equipment damage! If the off-board battery charger is equipped with cooling slots, then do not attempt to insert objects through these slots. WARNING! Prevent injury and/or equipment damage! Do not allow unsupervised children to play near the scooter while the batteries are charging. Celebrity X-6
  • Page 24 8. When the batteries are fully charged, turn the charger off and unplug the charger power lead from the electrical outlet and then from the off-board charger port. NOTE: There is a charger inhibit function on your scooter. The scooter will not run and the battery condition meter will not operate while the batteries are charging. Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 25 Protect your scooter and batteries from extreme heat or cold. Batteries that are regularly and deeply discharged, infrequently charged, stored in extreme temperatures or stored without a full charge may be permanently damaged, causing unreliable performance and limited service life. Celebrity X-6
  • Page 26 9. Ensure the battery terminals are covered with the tiller boots. BATTERY NOTE: See figure 13B for correct hard- ware placement for battery terminal con- Figure 13B. Cable To Terminal Figure 13A. Battery Cable nections. Connection Orientation Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 27 What about public transport? If you intend to use public transport with your scooter, you must contact the transportation provider in advance to determine their specific requirements. Celebrity X-6
  • Page 28: Operation

    Such practices could cause loss of control and/or tipping resulting in personal injury and/ or damage to your scooter. Keep both hands on the tiller and your feet on the floorboard at all times while operating your scooter. This driving position gives you the most control over your vehicle. Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 29 If the power down timer feature takes effect, perform the following steps to resume normal operation. 1. Remove the key from the key switch. 2. Reinsert the key and power up your scooter. Celebrity X-6
  • Page 30 SEATBACK ADJUSTMENT rearward to adjust the seatback angle. LEVER 2. Release the seatback adjustment lever once the seat is in a comfortable riding position. Figure 16. Seatback Adjustment Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 31 LOWER SEAT POST 7. Reinstall the nut onto the seat height adjustment bolt Figure 18. Seat Height Adjustment and tighten 8. Tighten the clamp-action bolt 9. Reinstall the rear shroud and the seat. Celebrity X-6
  • Page 32: Comfort Adjustments

    MANDATORY! Prevent personal injury and product damage! Inspect the positioning belt for loose or damaged parts before each use of the scooter. If you discover a problem, contact your authorised Pride Dealer for maintenance and repair. Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 33: Disassembly And Assembly

    3. Remove the seat by lifting it straight up and off of the scooter. If you encounter resistance when removing the seat, disengage the seat rotation lever and swivel the seat back and forth while lifting up on the seat. UNLOCKED POSITION LOCKED POSITION Figure 22. Tiller Lock Knob (Locked) Figure 22A. Tiller Lock Knob (Unlocked) Celebrity X-6
  • Page 34 9. Unlock the front wheel by turning the tiller lock knob 90° anticlockwise. See figure 22A. WARNING! After assembly, make absolutely certain the tiller lock FRAME HOOK knob is in the unlocked position before riding your scooter. Figure 25. Frame Separation Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 35 Push in the main circuit breaker reset button. See IV. “Your Scooter.” Make certain that both battery harnesses and the front-to-rear harness are firmly connected. See VIII. “Dis- assembly and Assembly.” Be sure the power down timer feature hasn’t been activated. See VI. “Operation.” Celebrity X-6
  • Page 36: Basic Troubleshooting

    Or, see the previous troubleshooting question for load testing the batteries yourself. If you experience any problems with your scooter that you are not able to solve, immediately contact your authorised Pride Dealer for information, maintenance and service. Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 37: Care And Maintenance

    ABS PLASTIC SHROUDS The shrouds of the scooter are formed from durable ABS plastic and are coated with an advanced formula urethane paint. A light application of car wax will help the shrouds retain their high gloss. Celebrity X-6
  • Page 38 WARNING! The replacement fuse must exactly match the rating of the new fuse. Failure to use properly rated fuses may cause damage to the electrical system and may result in personal injury. Figure 26A. Blown Fuse (Replace) Figure 26. Working Fuse Celebrity X-6...
  • Page 39 Your scooter must be disposed of according to applicable local and national statutory regulations. Contact your local waste disposal agency or authorised Pride Dealer for information on proper disposal of packaging, metal frame components, plastic components, electronics and batteries. Celebrity X-6
  • Page 40: Warranty

    Pride Mobility Products Ltd. cannot be deemed responsible. NOTE: Pride Mobility Products Ltd. provides parts only under warranty. Your Pride Dealer is responsible for labour and service. Please contact your Pride Dealer for information about these services and for any applicable charges.
  • Page 41 Unit 106, Heyford Park Camp Road Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire OX25 5HA *INFMANU3305*...

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  • Gary L Moxley Nov 09, 2017 05:25:
    I have a Pride Victory 4 whl its. a loaner from the local MDA but it only lasted about a week when I thought the batteries were shot. Well the COMPANY I got it from informed me that they only loan them for the MDS but once it leaves their shop they'er done with it and they don't do any repairs on them. Don't. get me wrong I. Greatly appreciate the fact that they loan me one at all. My problem is if I can't get someone to fix it, its just a very expensive lawn ornament. After playing around with it I think the the batteries are fine. but I do think the brakes ar stuck on.
    Gary L Moxley