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Grilling - Zanussi ZC 607 E Instruction Booklet

Electric cooker zc 607 e; zc 603 e; zc 564 e
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For the preparation of fish
Cook small fish from start to finish at a high tempera-
ture. Cook medium-sized fish initially at a high tempe-
rature and then gradually lower the temperature. Cook
large fish at a moderate temperature from start to
Check that baked fish is cooked by gently lifting one
side of the gut; the meat must be white and opaque
throughout, except in the case of salmon, trout or
In any case, carefully follow the instructions of the
recipe you are using.


The following types of meat are suitable for grilling.
Meat or offal cut in slices or pieces of various sizes but
not usually very thick, poultry cut in half and flattened,
fish, some vegetables (e.g. courgettes, aubergines,
tomatoes, etc.), skewers of meat or fish and seafood.
Meat and fish to be grilled should be lightly brushed
with oil and always placed on the grill; this should be
positioned on the level nearest or furthest from the grill
in order to control cooking to avoid burning the surface
or leaving the inside uncooked.
Pour 1 or 2 glasses of water into the dripping pan in
order to avoid the formation of smoke caused by drops
of juice and fat.
The grill can also be used to brown, toast bread and
grill certain types of fruit, such as bananas, halved
grapefruit, slices of pineapple, apples, etc. Fruit should
not be placed too near the source of heat.
Cooking times
Cooking times can vary according to the type of food,
its consistency and its volume.
It is advisable to watch when cooking for the first time
and check results in order to prepare the same dishes
in the same conditions and thus obtain constantly



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