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Zanussi ZC 607 E Instruction Booklet

Electric cooker zc 607 e; zc 603 e; zc 564 e
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  Summary of Contents for Zanussi ZC 607 E

  • Page 2 Voltage tension: 230V / 400V 3N ~ 50Hz Electrical power: 7.750 kW max (Mod. ZC 607 E) - 7.715 kW max (Mod. ZC 603 E / ZC 564 E) MANUFACTURER: ELECTROLUX ZANUSSI S.p.A. Viale Bologna, 298 47100 FORLI’ (Italy)
  • Page 4 INSTRUCTIONS - ELECTRIC OVENS This brochure must be kept together with the appliance for consultation at any time. If the appliance is sold or transferred to another person, ascertain that the brochure is also given, in order that the new user can be aware of the correct use of the machine and the relative warnings. THESE WARNINGS HAVE BEEN PREPARED FOR YOUR USE AND SAFETY AND FOR THAT OF OTHERS, WE THEREFORE REQUEST YOU TO READ THEM CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING AND USING THE APPLIANCE.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Instructions for the user Page Installation Page Electric oven Page 65-68 Electronic minute minder Page Advice for oven use Page Grilling Page Cooking table Page Maintenance Page Instructions for installer Page Electrical connection Page What to do if ... Page Technical assistance and spareparts Page...
  • Page 6: Instructions For The User

    APPLIANCE DIMENSIONS Mod. Height Width Depth ZC 607 E / ZC 603 E 850 mm 600 mm 600 mm ZC 564 E 850 mm 500 mm 600 mm The total power absorbed and supplementary technical data are shown on the small registration plate placed on the bottom of the oven (for access, open the oven door).
  • Page 7: Practical Advice

    PRACTICAL ADVICE COOKING RECIPIENTS Remember that a large recipient offers a larger surface bottom are easily burnt by fats and juice. to heat and therefore cooks food quicker than a narrow For cakes, it is preferable to use tins which do not open.
  • Page 8 TRADITIONAL ELECTRIC OVEN Control switch (Fig. 3) Permits the choice of cooking temperature most suitable and separate action of the heating elements. Explanation of symbols: Oven switched off Oven lamp 50-max Range of temperature regulation lower heating element upper heating element grill element FO 2194 Fig.
  • Page 9 Pilot lamp ( When lit indicates the operation of one or more heating elements. Oven thermostat pilot lamp ( C) Switches off when the oven reaches the selected temperatue and re-lights each time the thermostat intervenes to maintain the temperature. Fig.
  • Page 10: Electric Oven

    ELECTRIC OVEN (5 FUNCTIONS) Upper heating only Selector switch for type of cooking (Fig. 8) and thermostat regulation (Fig. 9) Turn the selector switch to bring the sign to position These two switches allow you to choose the type of and regulate the thermostat to the required tempera- cooking (choice of heating element) as well as the tem- ture.
  • Page 11 Oven thermostat pilot lamp ( C) Goes out when the oven reaches the selected tempe- rature and comes back on when the thermostat intervenes to maintain the temperature. When cooking in the oven or grill, in order to avoid over-heating, always leave the appliance’s cover in place.
  • Page 12: Electronic Minute Minder

    ELECTRONIC MINUTE MINDER (ZC 607) 1. ( - ) DECREASE CONTROL AND MINUTE MINDER SETTING BUTTON. 2. ( + ) INCREASE CONTROL. ) COOKING SYMBOL. PUSH TIME ) CLOCK SETTING CONTROL. STOP BOTH Fig. 13 ) MINUTE MINDER SYMBOL. The electronic minute minder can indicate the time of day, operate as a minute and it can be used to time and switch off the oven.
  • Page 13 PUSH 0 . 00 To set, press button and the display will read TIME STOP BOTH see Fig. 13.6. Fig. 13.6 Release button and press and hold button . The display will count up in one minute intervals until the interval to be timed is reached, e.g.
  • Page 14: Advice For Oven Use

    SOME ADVICE FOR THE USE OF YOUR OVEN For the preparation of meat Traditional cooking Meat to the cooked in the oven should weigh at least 1 Heat originates from top and bottom, dishes should kilo to avoid its becoming too dry. If you want roasts preferably be placed in the middle.
  • Page 15: Grilling

    For the preparation of fish Cook small fish from start to finish at a high tempera- ture. Cook medium-sized fish initially at a high tempe- rature and then gradually lower the temperature. Cook large fish at a moderate temperature from start to finish.
  • Page 16: Cooking Table

    TABLE OF COOKING TIMES Level * Cooking time Temperature Type of food Electric oven Cakes in moulds with beaten egg white mixtures Marble cake 60-70 Girdle cake 60-70 Sponge cake 35-40 Shortpastry Flan base 15-20 Cheesecake 35-40 Jam tart 35-40 Cakes in moulds with raised mixtures Buns 35-40...
  • Page 17: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Cleaning of the cooker Replacement of the oven lamp (Fig. 15) Splashes of juice, fruit juice, etc. must be removed as Disconnect the appliance quickly as possible with a damp cloth as they could, in Unscrew the lamp and replace with another, capable time, cause the enamel to loose its shine.
  • Page 18: Care Of Catalytic Liners

    Cleaning of the cover To clean the cover well, open and remove from it’s support as shown in Fig. 17 After cleaning, remount by pressing down heavily to replace it in its support. Fig. 17 FO 0418 CARE OF CATALYTIC LINERS It is unnecessary to add water when roasting or grilling The catalytic sides can neutralise most food and meat.
  • Page 19: Instructions For The Installer

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE INSTALLER The following instructions are intended for the installer in order that the operations of installation, regulation and maintenance are carried out in the best possible manner and according to the regulations in force. All interventions must be carried out with the appliance disconnected.
  • Page 20: Electrical Connection

    ELECTRICAL CONNECTION CONNECTING THE TERMINAL BOARD Prior to making the electric al connection, make sure The appliance incorporates an easily accessible 6- that: The protection fuse and the domestic wire system pole terminal board whose jumpers (bridges) are are suitable to carry the total electric load of the already pre-set for operation on 400 V three-phase with oven (see rating plate).
  • Page 21: What To Do If

    WHAT TO DO IF THE APPLIANCE DOES NOT WORK If the appliance does not work correctly, before Cooking time is too long: • contacting the technical assistance, check the check that the temperature chosen is suitable to the following points: food to be cooked.

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