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Zanussi ZCM900X Instruction Booklet

Mixed fuel cooker
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Please read this instruction booklet before using the appliance.



  Summary of Contents for Zanussi ZCM900X

  • Page 1 MIXED FUEL COOKER ZCM900X INSTRUCTION BOOKLET Please read this instruction booklet before using the appliance.
  • Page 2: Important Safety Information

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION You MUST read these warnings carefully before installing or using the appliance. If you need assistance, contact our Customer Care Department on 08705 727727. Installation · This cooker must be installed by qualified personnel, according to the manufacturer’s instructions and to the relevant British Standards.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Instructions for the user Important Safety Information Description of the appliance Using the appliance Using the electric oven Using the electric grill Hints & Tips Using the Hob Maintenance and Cleaning Something Not Working Service & Spare Parts Customer Care Guarantee Conditions The symbols below will guide you when reading the CONTENTS...
  • Page 4: Description Of The Appliance

    2. Back right burner (semi-rapid) 3. Back left burner (semi-rapid) 4. Front left burner (rapid) 5. Central burner (wok) Model : ZCM900X 6. Back left burner knob ( semi-rapid) 7. Central burner knob (wok) 8. Back right burner knob (semi-rapid)
  • Page 5: Using The Appliance

    Oven function control knob Fan cooking Electric Grill Defrost function Thermostat control knob Turn the thermostat control knob clockwise to select temperatures between 50°C and 250°C. Thermostat control light The thermostat control light will come on when the thermostat control knob is turned. The light will remain lit until the correct temperature is reached.
  • Page 6 During use the appliance becomes hot. Care should be taken to avoid touching heating elements inside the oven. Clean the accessories with a mild detergent. Rinse and dry carefully. Main oven light This light will illuminate when the oven/grill knob is turned on and remains lit while the oven is in operation.
  • Page 7: Using The Electric Oven

    Using the electric oven Fan Cooking The air inside the oven is heated by the element around the fan situated behind the back panel. The fan circulates hot air to maintain an even temperature inside the oven. The advantages of fan cooking are: Faster Preheating As the oven quickly reaches temperature, it is not usually necessary to preheat the oven...
  • Page 8: Using The Electric Grill

    Using the electric grill Grilling Heat comes from the top of the oven. It is suitable for grilling meat that remains tender, for toast or to brown already cooked. The grill pan will become hot during use, always use oven gloves when removing or replacing a hot grill pan.
  • Page 9: Hints & Tips

    Hints and Tips Condensation and steam When food is heated it produces steam in the same way as a boiling kettle. The oven vents allow some of this steam to escape. However, always stand back from the oven when opening the oven door to allow any build up of steam or heat to release.
  • Page 10: Using The Hob

    Using the Hob The Hob Burners The symbol on the knob corresponds to a symbol on the control panel (See description of appliance). Maximum level inimum level Use the maximum level for boiling and the minimum for simmering. Always choose positions between the minimum and maximum, never between maximum and off.
  • Page 11 Selecting the Correct Burner Above every knob there is a symbol for the corresponding burner. For good cooking results, always choose pans which correctly fit to the diameter of the burner used. Choose pans with thick, flat bases. We recommend that the flame is lowered as soon as the liquid starts boiling.
  • Page 12: Maintenance And Cleaning

    MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING The oven should be kept clean at all times. A build-up of fats or other foodstuffs could result especially in the grill pan. Before cleaning, ensure all control knobs are in the OFF position, and the appliance has cooled completely. Before any maintenance or cleaning can be carried out, you must DISCONNECT the cooker from the electricity supply.
  • Page 13: Oven Cavity

    Oven Cavity The enamelled oven cavity is best cleaned whilst the oven is still warm. Wipe the oven over with a soft cloth soaked in warm soapy water after each use. From time to time it will be necessary to do a more thorough cleaning, using a proprietary oven cleaner.
  • Page 14: Something Not Working

    If the appliance is not working correctly, please carry out the following checks, before contacting your local Service Force Service Centre. IMPORTANT: If you call out an engineer to a fault listed below, or to repair a fault caused by incorrect use or installation, a charge will be made even if the appliance is under guarantee.
  • Page 15: Service & Spare Parts

    Please note that it will be necessary to provide proof of purchase for any in-guarantee service calls. For general enquiries concerning your Zanussi appliance or for further information on our products, contact our Customer Care Department by letter or telephone at the address below or visit our website at
  • Page 16: Guarantee Conditions

    Standard Guarantee Conditions We Zanussi undertake that if, within 12 months of the date of the purchase, this Zanussi appliance or any part thereof is proved to be defective by any reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, we will, at our...
  • Page 17: Technical Features

    Free standing Pan support Central Front left Front right Back right Back left Total power Oven Oven Oven power Grill Grill power Total rating Accessories Wire Shelf Baking Tray / Grill Pan Baking Grid (Trivet) Supply Rated voltage Rated frequency Dimensions Height Width...
  • Page 18: Safety Advice

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE INSTALLER SAFETY ADVICE · Before installation ensure that the local distribution conditions (gas type and pressure) and the same as those stated on the rating plate of the appliance. · This appliance must be installed only in a room with good ventilation.
  • Page 19: Electrical Connection

    Any electrical work required to install this cooker should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person, in accordance with the current regulations. THIS COOKER MUST BE EARTHED. The manufacturer declines any liability should these safety measures observed. This cooker is designed to be connected to a 230V 50Hz AC electrical supply.
  • Page 20 Supply Cable Note: Check the rating plate for the value of the connected load to establish the fuse rating. The cable supplied with the appliance is an X type connection (in compliance with standards EN60335-1, EN60335-2-6 amendments) and can be installed without the need for specialist equipment.
  • Page 21: Technical Data

    TABLE N°1: Adaption to various types of gas Burner Types of Gas Pressure Mbar Natural G20 Auxiliary Butane G30 Propane G31 Semi- Natural G20 rapid Butane G30 Propane G31 Natural G20 Rapid Butane G30 Propane G31 Double Natural G20 Ring Butane G30 Propane G31 Positioning...
  • Page 22: Ventilation

    The cooking appliance must be fitted with a stability chain firmly secured to the wall Ventilation The room containing the cooker should have an air supply in accordance with B.S. 5440: Part 2: Current Editions. The following requirements for ventilation must be met.
  • Page 23: Gas Connections

    Your cooker is delivered adjusted for the kind of gas stated on the rating plate If the appliance is supplied with natural gas and the pressure for natural gas is 20mbar. The following method of connection to the gas supply must be used: Rigid Connection Where it is not possible to make the connection...
  • Page 24: Gas Conversion

    Ensure that the cooker is disconnected from the electricity and gas supply before this procedure is carried out. Your cooker is designed to work with natural, propane or butane gas. It is not designed for butane or propane air. The LPG conversion kit is available from your Service Force Centre and must be fitted by a Corgi Registered engineer.
  • Page 25 valves on the surface burners, insert a small slotted screwdriver into the hole on the valve rod and turn the choke screw to the right or left until the burner flame is adjusted to minimum. · If the cooker is equipped with safety valves, the choke is not located in the rod hole, but on the valve body.
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