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Practical Advice - Zanussi ZC 607 E Instruction Booklet

Electric cooker zc 607 e; zc 603 e; zc 564 e
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Remember that a large recipient offers a larger surface
to heat and therefore cooks food quicker than a narrow
Always use recipients of a size suitable for the food to
be cooked. In particular, take care that recipients are
not too small for liquid preparations which could easily
spill over or that they are not too big for food which
must be cooked quickly; uncovered areas on the
Sealed hotplates
The control panel incorporates knobs to operate the
four hot plates. There are two different types of plates.
This is a 7 position control knob: 0 = off and 1-6 indica-
te the levels of power uo to the mawimum.
Rapid hot Plate
This type is indicated by a red circle in the middle of
the plate.
The red circle is painted on and so will deteriorate and
may come off completely over a period of time.
A rapid plate will heat up much more quickly than a
normal plate, and the knob is the one in Fig. 1 (Mod.
ZC 607 / ZC 603).
bottom are easily burnt by fats and juice.
For cakes, it is preferable to use tins which do not
open. A tin which opens lets out fruit juices and sugar
which, when spilling onto the bottom of the oven,
caramelize and are difficult to clean. Avoid placing
pans with plastic handles in the oven as they may not
support the heat.
Saucepans suitable for use on solid plate hobs should
have several characteristics:
they should be heavy duty.
they should fit the heat area exactly, or be slightly
larger for efficient use, NEVER smaller.
they should have a flat base to ensure good contact
with the plate (Fig. 2).
This is particularly important when using pans for high
temperature frying or pressure cooking.
Ensure pans are large enough to avoid liquids being
split onto the plates.
Never leave the plates on without a pan on them or with
an empty pan on them.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2



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