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What To Do If; Technical Assistance And Spareparts - Zanussi ZC 607 E Instruction Booklet

Electric cooker zc 607 e; zc 603 e; zc 564 e
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If the appliance does not work correctly, before
contacting the technical assistance, check the
following points:
If the appliance fails to operate:
check that the socket switch and/or the switch from
the supply to the oven are ON.
If the oven does not come on:
check that the programmer is properly set for
manual operation, or that you have programmed
any automatic cooking correctly.
check that it is properly plugged in.
check that the socket switch is turned on.
check that the socket is supplying power - do this
by plugging in another appliance that is known to
be working properly.
check that the fuse is the plug is intact.
If the hob area does not work:
check that you are turning the correct control knob.
The oven does not heat:
check that the oven switch is in the working
Before leaving our workshops, this appliance has been
tested and adjusted by experts and specialized
personnel in order to give you the best possible results.
Any repairs or adjustments necessary thereafter
should be made with great care and attention.
For this reason, we recommend you should always
contact the retailer who sold you the appliance or our
nearest Assistance Centre specifying the type of fault
and the model of your appliance.
Cooking time is too long:
check that the temperature chosen is suitable to the
food to be cooked.
The oven produces smoke:
we advise you to clean the oven after each use;
when cooking meat splashes of fat are formed, if
they are not cleaned they can cause smoke and
smells during successive cooking (see paragraph
concerning cleaning).
The oven light does not work:
the lamp has certainly burnt; to replace follow the
instructions provided in the paragraph on this
If, after all the controls indicated above, the appliance
still does not work, contact your nearest technical
assistance centre providing them with full details of
your appliance: model and registration number.
Original spareparts, certified by the product
manufacturer and carrying the following symbol
are only available at our Technical Assistance Centre
and authorized spareparts shops.



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