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Care Of Catalytic Liners - Zanussi ZC 607 E Instruction Booklet

Electric cooker zc 607 e; zc 603 e; zc 564 e
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Cleaning of the cover
To clean the cover well, open and remove from it's
support as shown in Fig. 17
After cleaning, remount by pressing down heavily to
replace it in its support.


The catalytic sides can neutralise most food and
splashes of grease when the temperature exceeds
To facilitate cleaning, it is advisable to heat the oven,
empty, above this temperature for 1 to 2 hours a week.
Practical advice:
. Manual cleaning of catalytic sides is not advisable.
. These sides are irremediably damaged by the use of
sprays, steel wool soaked in soap or other detergents.
. With time some discolouring of the sides may occur.
This will not affect the catalytic action.
. Once the sides are saturated the cleaning process
ceases. This does not effect the appliance's operation.
. Follow the advice given below in order to reduce to a
minimum the formation of splashes in the oven.
How to diminish splashes? Some advice:
Always cook at the recommended temperature. When
roasting, temperatures which are too high can
contribute to the formation of splashes.
Try to cook at lower temperatures (do not, of course,
forget to adapt cooking times). You will save energy
and roasted meat will be much more tender.
Use only a small quantity of fat or oil, or even no fat at
all when roasting meat. The addition of fat when grilling
or roasting contributes to the formation of splashes of
FO 0418
It is unnecessary to add water when roasting or grilling
meat. The addition of water and the meat juices will
contribute, during the cooking process, to the formation
of fat splashes and condensation.
The sides are better protected against splashes if the
dish containing the roast is covered. In this case the
covering must be removed 20-30 minutes before the
end of cooking; meat will be roasted better on the
Some large pieces of meat and turkey can certainly be
cooked in this way; the inside will thus be cooked
before the outside burns.
Always use the dripping pan when roasting or grilling
The long life of your catalytic sides is dependent on
your following this fundamental advice.
Fig. 17



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