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Digital hd pocket camcorder with photo and mp3 modes
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3. Press the direction button
and Time icon
4. Press the Recording button (4). The current date and time will
appear and the year is highlighted.
The date is shown in Year/Month/Day notation, the
time is shown in 12-hour format from 00:00 to 11:59.
The system distinguishes between ante meridian
(AM) and post meridian (PM).
5. Use the
year, month, day, hour, minute and second fields.
6. Press the
selected option.
7. Repeat these steps until you have finished setting the date and
8. When done, press the record button (4) to save the changes
and return to the setup menu.
9. Press the Delete (DEL) button (8) and the Mode selector
(MODE) (5) simultaneously to exit the setup menu.
Switching the Operating Mode
1. Power the camcorder on. To do this, press the On/Off button
2. Press the
modes Video Recording HD
and Photo Camera
mode is indicated by an icon in the upper-left corner of the
direction buttons (4) to toggle between the
direction buttons (4) to adjust the value of the
direction buttons (4) to toggle between the
(4) four times to highlight the Date
, Video Recording WVGA
. The currently selected operating
Getting Started
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents