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Silvercrest Digital HD Pocket Camcorder User Manual page 15

Digital hd pocket camcorder with photo and mp3 modes


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The status indicator of the charging cradle will light orange whilst
the battery is charging. When the charging process is completed,
the status indicator will light green. You can then insert the
rechargeable battery into the camcorder. Depending on the charge
level, the charging cycle can take up to 3 hours.
If, after inserting the rechargeable battery, the
indicator remains green, this means the rechargeable
battery is already charged or it is not correctly
inserted. In this case, check the polarity.
The charger consumes electricity in idle mode. To
avoid any kind of power consumption, you should
separate it from the mains. To do this, unplug the
mains plug from the wall outlet.
Inserting the Battery
When the battery is fully charged, insert it into the camcorder as
indicated below.
1. Open the battery/memory card compartment (13) by gently
pushing on the marking and sliding it downwards (see figure).
2. Insert the rechargeable battery into the camcorder.
3. Close the battery compartment by closing the cover and sliding
it upwards until it clicks into place.
Getting Started
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