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Conformity; Disposal Of Old Devices - Silvercrest Digital HD Pocket Camcorder User Manual

Digital hd pocket camcorder with photo and mp3 modes


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Danger Through Noise Disturbance
Caution when using the supplied headphones. Listening at
high volume can harm the user's auditory system


This device and its supplied accessories have been
tested and approved for compliance with the basic and
other relevant requirements of the EMC Directive
2004/108/EC, as well as the Low-voltage Directive
2006/95/EC. The Declaration of Conformity can also
be found at the end of this User's Manual.
Any changes to the equipment other than those recommended by
the manufacturer may lead to these directives no longer being met.
Only use the accessories recommended by the manufacturer. If
you are not using the device within the Republic of Germany, you
must observe the regulations and laws in the country of use.

Disposal of Old Devices

Devices marked with this symbol are subject to the
European Directive 2002/96/EC. All electric and
electronic devices must be disposed of separately from
household waste at established bodies.
Avoid hazards to the environment and dangers to your personal
health by disposing of the device properly. For further information
about proper disposal, contact your local government, disposal
bodies or the shop where you bought the device.
Respect the environment. Old rechargeable batteries do not belong
in with domestic waste. They must be handed in to a collection
point for old batteries.
Safety Instructions
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