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Silvercrest Digital HD Pocket Camcorder User Manual page 8

Digital hd pocket camcorder with photo and mp3 modes


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Safety Instructions
make knots in the cable and do not tie it together with other cables.
All cables should be positioned so that nobody can trip over them
or be obstructed by them. A damaged power cord can cause a fire
or an electric shock. Inspect the power cord from time to time. Do
not use an adapter plug or extension cable that does not meet the
required safety standards.
Repair and Maintenance
Repairs are required when this device has been damaged in any
way: for example, when the charger or the housing of the DV-
1000HD is damaged, when liquid or objects have entered the
device, when the product has been exposed to rain or moisture,
when the product does not work normally or if the product has been
dropped. If you notice any smoke, unusual noise or strange smells,
switch off the device immediately and unplug the power cord from
the power supply. In these cases the device should not be used
further and should be inspected by authorized service personnel.
Please contact qualified personnel when servicing is needed.
Intended Use
This is an information technology device. It has been designed for
video and photo recording and playback as well as for playing back
music files. It may only be used for private use, not industrial or
commercial purposes. In its default configuration, this product has
not been designed for medical, lifesaving, rescue or life-maintaining
purposes. Only connection cables and external devices may be
used that comply with safety standards and the electromagnetic
compatibility and shielding quality of this device.
Do not make any changes to the device or the supplied
accessories yourself. The manufacturer will not be liable for any
damages resulting from unauthorised modifications. Furthermore,
modifying the device in any way will void the warranty.
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