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Connecting The Headphones - Silvercrest Digital HD Pocket Camcorder User Manual

Digital hd pocket camcorder with photo and mp3 modes


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Open My Computer on your PC and double-click on the
disk drive representing the card reader.
All recorded files can be found in the folder "DCIM" on this
disk drive.
Now you can copy the recorded files from the camcorder
into a folder of your choice on the computer's hard disk.

Connecting the Headphones

You can also connect the supplied headphones SilverCrest IEHS
1000 to listen to the sound of video and music files. For music
playback you can enjoy your songs in stereo quality.
Caution when using the supplied headphones.
Listening at high volume can harm the user's auditory
To connect the headphones:
1. Open the protective cover (12) by pulling carefully on the top of
the cover with your fingernail.
2. Plug the jack-type connector of the headphones into the
headphones jack found behind the protective cover.
Connectors and Ports
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