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Silvercrest Digital HD Pocket Camcorder User Manual page 16

Digital hd pocket camcorder with photo and mp3 modes


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Getting Started
Inserting an SD Card (optional)
By using the SD memory card (not included in the package) you
can increase the camcorder's storage capacity for saving your
videos and photos. When a memory card is inserted, all the
recorded contents will be saved onto it. If there is no memory card
inserted, your photos and videos will be saved to the internal
memory of the camcorder.
1. Power the camcorder off. To do this, press the On/Off button
2. Open the battery/memory card compartment (13) by gently
pushing on the marking and sliding it downwards (see figure).
3. Then insert the memory card with the metal contacts facing
forward into the card slot. The label must face towards the
display. Slide the card fully into the slot opening until the card
clicks into place. Close the memory card compartment by
sliding the cover in the opposite direction.
If the storage capacity on the memory card or the
internal memory is exhausted, an icon with an
exclamation mark and the message MEM will
appear in the upper-right corner of the display. The
video being currently recorded will be saved and the
recording will be cancelled.
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