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Playing Back Music - Silvercrest Digital HD Pocket Camcorder User Manual

Digital hd pocket camcorder with photo and mp3 modes


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Playing Back Music

You can also use your camcorder as an MP3 player. To do this you
need an SD memory card (not supplied) and to first copy the
desired music files onto it using your computer. See also page 13 -
Inserting an SD Card (optional).
1. Power the camcorder on. To do this, press the On/Off button
2. Press the mode selector button (MODE) (5) to toggle between
the modes Recording (Photo and Video) and Playback (Photo,
Video and Music). Press the mode selector button (MODE) (5)
a second time to select the "Music" option and then press the
recording button (4) to show a list of the found music files.
3. Select the desired music file. To do this, press the
direction buttons (4) to skip to the previous or next file.
A counter will appear in the top-centre of the display
showing the number of the current music file and the
total number of music files. For example 2/5 means
that the current music file is the second of five.
4. Press the record button (4) twice to start music playback. A time
counter will appear in the centre of the screen indicating the
song playback time.
The following special functions are available during playback:
Press the record button (4) to pause playback. Press the
button again to resume playback.
Warning! In order to be able to playback MP3 music
files, you have to place them into a folder "MUSIC"
on the SD card. The folder "MUSIC" must be
created in the root folder on the SD card otherwise
your camcorder will not be able to find nor play the
MP3 files. Furthermore, no files contained in
subfolders of the "MUSIC" folder can be played.
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