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Adjusting The Height Of The Upper Basket - Electrolux ESL5391 Operating Instructions Manual

The fully integratable dishwasher
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Adjusting the height of the
upper basket
with upper basket raised
with upper basket lowered
The height of the baskets can also be adjusted
when they are loaded.
Raising/lowering the upper basket
1. Pull out the upper basket completely.
2. Raise the upper basket as far as it will go and then
lower it vertically.
The upper basket will latch into the lower or the
upper position.
Before using the dishwasher, check that the
spray arms can turn freely.
Maximum plate sizes,
upper basket in upper position
Maximum height of dishes in the
Upper basket
19 cm
21 cm
Maximum plate sizes,
upper basket in lower position
Lower basket
32 cm
30 cm