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Prior To Using For The First Time - Electrolux ESL5391 Operating Instructions Manual

The fully integratable dishwasher
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Prior to using for the first time

1. Set the water softener
2. Fill up with special salt for water softeners
3. Fill up with rinse aid
If you wish to use 3in1 detergent, do the fol-
– First read the section "Using 3in1 detergents".
– Switch on the dishwasher, press the 3in1 button
. The button indicator lights up: 3in1 function
is selected. As a result
– there is no need to fill up with special salt or rinse
– there is no need to set the water softener.
– there is no need to set the rinse aid inflow.
– Before the start of the dishwashing cycle put 3in1
detergent in the detergent dispenser.
Once this additional function has been select-
ed, it remains activated for all further dish-
washing cycles until it is cancelled by pressing
the button again.
The lengths of the wash cycles given in the cy-
cle table can be changed if this additional
function is used.
When changing from 3in1 detergent tablets to
normal detergent, it is most important to ob-
serve the last 3 points in the section "Using
3in1 detergents".