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Connecting To The Water Supply - Electrolux ESL5391 Operating Instructions Manual

The fully integratable dishwasher
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Connecting to the water
The appliance must be connected by special-
ist staff.
• Water pressure: 1–10 bar (flow pressure)
• The appliance can be connected to cold and hot
water, maximum temperature 65 °C.
• The site must provide a regulating tap with G 3/4"
• The appliance must be connected with the plastic
pressure hose supplied (with filter, in accordance
with EN61770, 10 bar.)
• Installation of an IRG filter is recommended as part
of the house's water system.
• After the regulating tap is opened, no water may
leak out of the connection fittings.
• If connecting to the hot water system, the threaded
joints must be checked a few minutes after the ma-
chine is first used and tightened if necessary. (Be
careful not to overwind the threaded joints.)
• The flexible drain hose with an inner diameter of
22 mm is to be laid with no kinks.
• The appliance can also be installed above the level
of the sink spigot. A return inhibitor is integrated
into the machine's drainage and therefore connec-
tion fittings with non-return valves are not neces-
• The preferred connection is via the spigot of the
sink outlet in the unit next to the machine.
• The highest point of the drain hose is not to be
more than 600 mm above the floor of the appli-