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Using 3In1 Detergents - Electrolux ESL5391 Operating Instructions Manual

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Concentrated detergents
Today's detergents for dishwashers are almost ex-
clusively low-alkaline concentrated detergents with
natural enzymes in tablet or powder form.
Using 50°C dishwashing cycles in conjunction
with these concentrated detergents reduces
pollution and is good for your dishes, as these
dishwashing cycles are specially matched to
the dirt-dissolving properties of the enzymes
in concentrated detergents. It is for this reason
that using 50 °C dishwashing cycles in con-
junction with concentrated detergents can
achieve the same cleaning results that can
otherwise only be achieved using 65 °C cy-
Detergent tablets
Detergent tablets from different manufactur-
ers dissolve at different rates. For this reason,
some detergent tablets do not attain their full
cleaning power during short cycles. Therefore
please use dishwashing cycles with pre-wash
when using detergent tablets.

Using 3in1 detergents

These products are detergents with a combined
cleaning, rinsing and salt function.
1. Check whether these detergents are suitable for
your water hardness.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
2. Place detergent just in the detergent dispenser.
If you want to stop using 3in1 products, please do
the following:
• Fill up the dispensers for salt and rinse aid again.
• Switch the water softener to the highest setting
and perform up to three normal cycles without
loading any dishes.
• Then set the water softener to the water hardness
in your area.