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Loading Cutlery - Electrolux ESL5391 Operating Instructions Manual

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Loading cutlery

Warning: Sharp knives and other items of cut-
lery with sharp edges must be laid in the cut-
lery rack or in the upper basket to avoid the
risk of injury.
To ensure that all items of cutlery in the cutlery bas-
ket can be reached by the water, the cutlery inserts
should be inserted and where possible the cutlery
placed handle downwards in the cutlery basket.
Exceptions to this are cutlery items with very
narrow handles that could go through the cut-
lery basket and block the spray arm.
For larger utensils, such as whisks, one half of the
cutlery grid can be left off.
So that spoons don't lie inside one another, arrange
them alternately with other cutlery items.
The cutlery basket consists of two parts that can be
taken apart. You can gain more room in the lower
basket in this way.
1. To separate, push them horizontally in opposite di-
rections and pull apart.
2. To put together, do this in reverse.