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Operating Instructions; Safety - Electrolux ESL5391 Operating Instructions Manual

The fully integratable dishwasher
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Operating Instructions



Prior to using for the first time
• Follow the "Instructions for installation and con-
Correct use
• The dishwasher is only intended for washing do-
mestic dishes.
• Additions or modifications to the dishwasher are
not permitted.
• Use only special salt, detergent and rinse aid suita-
ble for domestic dishwashers.
• Do not put any solvents in the dishwasher. This
could cause an explosion.
Child safety
• Keep packaging away from children. There is a risk
of suffocation.
• Children often do not recognise the hazards asso-
ciated with electrical appliances. Don't allow chil-
dren to use the dishwasher unsupervised.
• Make sure that children and pets don't climb into
the dishwasher. Could endanger life!
• Dishwasher detergents can cause chemical burns
to the eyes, mouth and throat. Could endanger life!
Comply with the safety instructions of the dish-
washer detergent manufacturer.
• The water in the dishwater is not for drinking. Risk
of chemical burns.
General safety
• Repairs to the dishwasher are only to be carried
out by qualified service engineers.
• When the dishwasher is not being used, switch it
off and shut off the water tap.
• Never unplug the appliance by pulling on the ca-
ble. Always pull the plug.
• Never sit or stand on the open door.
• If the dishwasher is located in a room where there
may be a frost, remove the connection hose from
the tap after each use of the dishwasher.
Risk of frost
• If the appliance is exposed to temperatures below
freezing while connected, it must be correctly
emptied by the Customer Service Centre.
• When being delivered from the factory, there is no
danger of the appliance freezing!