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Command Syntax For Setup.exe; Synopsis; Description; Options And Arguments - IBM E02D1LL-E - Rational Rose Enterprise Installation Manual

Installation guide
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2. Click Start > Run and enter the following commands where local-drive is the
There is no command to cancel a silent installation.

Command syntax for setup.exe

Installs a Rational product from a Windows Command Prompt.


setup [/g silent_install] path-to-sitedefs.dat
[/lv logfilename] [/d default_language]


The setup command starts the Rational Setup Wizard, which installs the product
on your computer. When running the setup command, you must specify the
location of the filesitedefs.dat. For more information about installing from a release
area and using sitedefs.dat, see "Installing from a release area" on page 20. The
command also has the options to run a silent installation, create a detailed log file,
and install the product in the default language of your operating system.

Options and arguments



Runs a silent installation, creates a log file, and installs the product in the default
language of the operation system.
setup /g \rational_release\rose_sitedefs.dat /lv C:\temp\rose_install_log.txt /d
mapped drive or the path to setup.exe and filename is the name of the site
defaults file:
local-drive: \setup.exe /g C:\filename.dat
The product specified in the site defaults file is installed from the source
directory to the installation directory. The default installation directory is
C:\Program Files\Rational\Rational-products.
If necessary, your computer restarts. You must then log on manually; The
installer restarts and finishes. When the installation finishes, you do not see a
message to indicate that the installation is complete.
If your administrator did not specify the license server in the site defaults file,
you might have to configure licensing manually after the Setup wizard finishes.
If the Setup wizard detects insufficient disk space on the desktop, the wizard
will cancel the installation and note the error in the Rational_install.log file in
your TEMP directory. The location of the directory depends on the environment
variable set on the computer. To find the location, open a command window
and type echo %TEMP% at the prompt.
Specifies to run setup.exe in silent mode. When you specify this option,
your Rational product is installed without a progress bar or notification
that the installation process has completed.
Specifies to create a log file of the installation process. You must specify the
location for the log file.
Specifies to install the product in the default language of the operating
system. If you do not use this option, you are prompted to specify a
language even for a silent installation.
Chapter 4. Installing Rational Rose



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