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Silent Installation Setup; Testing A Silent Installation; Rational_Install Log File - IBM E02D1LL-E - Rational Rose Enterprise Installation Manual

Installation guide
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Silent installation setup

The basic steps for setting up a silent installation are explained in the following
1. Create a site defaults file and a release area (optional) on the network.
2. Enter the command setup.exe /g to start the Setup wizard and test the site
3. Give users the following information so that they can perform silent
Also, ensure that users remove all IBM Rational products from their desktops.
Users who install silently do not see the message to remove previous versions of
IBM Rational products. The installation does not proceed until all products are
removed. The message is saved in the user's installation log file. If the installation
fails, tell users to examine the log file.
For information about setup.exe command syntax, see "Command syntax for
setup.exe" on page 23 or type setup / ?.

Testing a silent installation

After you create the site defaults file, test it by running a silent installation. Follow
the instructions in "Running a silent installation" on page 22.

Rational_install log file

The Setup wizard does not display an error summary. The file Rational_install.log
records all installation activities. You and a customer support representative can
use this file to trace most installation errors.
IBM Rational Rose: Installation Guide
a. Use the Enterprise Deployment option in the Rational Setup wizard to
create a site defaults file and a release area to deploy the product to your
users. For instructions, see "Creating a release area and site defaults file" on
page 10.
Or use the Site Preparation wizard by double-clicking siteprep.exe in the
CD image or IBM download package (or enter siteprep.exe on the
command line) to create a site defaults file without the release area.
b. You can customize site defaults files for different sets of users. For more
information, see "Running the Site Preparation Wizard to create multiple
site defaults files" on page 13.
defaults file. You should not see any installation screens displayed on your
computer during the installation. (See "Command syntax for setup.exe" on
page 23 for the full command.)
The file directs the Rational Setup wizard to install program files in a specific
directory on your computer. If the computer must be restarted, it restarts
automatically. When you log on again, the installer restarts and finishes. When
the installation is finished, you do not see an installation complete screen.
If you did not specify the license server in the site defaults file, you or your
users might have to configure licensing manually after the Setup wizard
installations on their computers.
v Path to the site defaults file and the Setup.exe file in the release area or the
shortcut to the site defaults file. (The shortcut does not have a .dat suffix.)
v Silent installation commands.
v Installation directory (where the Setup wizard installs the files on your
v License key information, if necessary.



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