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Once Ibm Rational Rose Is Installed; Upgrading From A Previous Version; Setting Up Rational Common Licensing - IBM E02D1LL-E - Rational Rose Enterprise Installation Manual

Installation guide
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1. Click the Start > Settings > Control Panel.
2. Double-click the System icon and select the Environment tab.
3. Click Path Variable in the User Variable section of the dialog box.
4. In the beginning of the existing path, insert the Rational common path
5. Click OK to add the path and close the dialog box.

Once IBM Rational Rose is installed

v Rational Rose does not support dual boot systems where both operating systems
v If the online Help for an installed Rose Add-In does not appear on the Contents
v The Rose Data Modeler produces models for several database vendors. The
Note: You cannot run two different versions of Rose on the same machine.

Upgrading from a previous version

If you are upgrading from a previous version of the product, review the upgrade
information before you install the current version. If the product was installed as
part of Rational Suite
current version.
Although some mixed versions of the Rational products are supported across an
enterprise network, all Rational products on a single computer must be the same
version. For example, you cannot run Rational RequisitePro version 2003.06.15 with
Rational Rose version 7.0.

Setting up Rational Common Licensing

Setting up Rational Common Licensing, which is powered by FLEXlm, is a key
part of the installation process. You must accomplish the following licensing
service tasks:
v Obtain license keys by using AccountLink, a Web-based tool available from the
v Install and configure the IBM Rational License Server.
v Configure client desktops to import keys to the Rational License Server.
v Maintain and manage the IBM Rational License Server as a single, multiple, or
These tasks, as well as different types of license keys, are described in the IBM
Rational License Management Guide. If you are installing Rational products for the
first time, read this guide carefully before beginning installation.
IBM Rational Rose: Installation Guide
(typically, C:\Program Files\Rational\Common), and then click Set.
are on the same partition.
tab of the Rose online Help, it may be because of an existing .gid file on your
system. To remedy this situation, locate the Add-In's .gid file in the
rose_release_directory\help\ folder, and delete it. A new, valid .gid file will be
created automatically the first time you open the Add-In's compiled Help (.hlp)
file. For example, if the Help book for Web Modeler does not appear in the
Contents , delete the webmod.gid file. If the errant .gid file was the problem, you
will see the Web Modeler Help book on the Contents tab the next time you open
the Rose online Help.
vendor databases are listed in the IBM Rational Rose Release Notes. There are
no special configuration instructions for Rose Data Modeler. To install and
configure the databases, see the vendor documentation.
, all Rational products are uninstalled when you install the
IBM Rational Licensing and Download center.
redundant server configuration.



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