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IBM E02D1LL-E - Rational Rose Enterprise Installation Manual page 12

Installation guide
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v Ask your administrator for the correct deployment type. See Selecting a
v See Change to search order for license keys for a description of the order in
v When installing Rose as part of IBM Rational Suite on Microsoft Windows 2000,
v In addition to reviewing the remainder of Chapter 1, including but not limited
File location guidelines
v The IBM Rational Software Setup program requires that you install all IBM
v The Setup program installs Microsoft Core Components and some additional
Shared file guidelines
The IBM Rational Software Setup program installs some shared components, which
are potentially available to other applications on your system. Setup installs the
U.S. English version of these files. It does not overwrite newer file versions.
If the Setup program needs to update shared components, it displays a list of the
shared components that require updates. The files listed must be installed on your
system before the installation can proceed.
In general, we recommend that you allow the installation procedure to install
shared files for you. In the following circumstances, you may want to install the
files yourself:
v You are using a U.S. English system, but installing new files may invalidate your
v Your site may mandate that you obtain shared files directly from the source (for
v You may want to install equivalent files that are localized in your language.
IBM Rational Rose: Installation Guide
deployment method.
which license keys are applied in this release.
Rose might not run until you add the Rational \Common directory to your user
path. See Adding the IBM Rational directory to your user path if you encounter
this problem.
– File location guidelines
– Shared file guidelines
– Backup guidelines
– Version Compatibility guidelines
Also review the following chapters prior to installing IBM Rational Rose:
– Chapter 2. Configuring the installation
– Chapter 3. Installing this product as part of IBM Rational Suite (If you will be
installing IBM Rational Rose as part of the IBM Rational Suite.)
– Chapter 4. Installing Rational Rose
Rational products in the same directory. If you already have IBM Rational
products installed on your system, the Setup program installs IBM Rational Rose
in the same directory.
files on the same drive as the operating system (often the C:\ drive), even if you
have specified an alternate drive for installation. These files can require up to 5 -
15 MB of disk space on your hard drive.
current environment. In this case, you need to determine how to correct your
environment so that you can run existing tools and the IBM Rational products
you want to install.
example, from Microsoft), rather than using files supplied by a third party. Or
your site may prohibit end users from installing shared components.



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