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IBM E02D1LL-E - Rational Rose Enterprise Installation Manual page 22

Installation guide
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8. When the Setup Complete page opens, review the current information related
Applying a fix pack to a release area: If you want to apply a fix pack to the
Rational products in your environment, you must re-create the release area as if
users are installing the products on their desktops for the first time. This new
release area is used to update and install Rational desktop products.
After you create this new release area, disable the old one. Disabling the old
release area prevents access to the previous version of Rational products and
allows access if users need to restore a system to the previous version of Rational
Specifying the IBM Rational license server
You can provide a license server name in the Setup wizard if you are using
floating licenses. You can provide the license server name if you plan to have users
install from a release area or run a silent installation from the release area. If your
product requires a license key and you do not provide the server name, the
License Key Administrator (LKAD) starts at the end of the installation.
Testing your site defaults file
When you create a release area, you have the option to install the product on your
To test the site defaults file:
1. In the Launch Installation page, select Launch installation using these settings
2. When the Rational Setup Wizard Completed page opens, click Finish to
3. When the installation begins, click Next. Choose to accept or not to accept the
4. Specify the Destination folder and click Next, or change the destination by
IBM Rational Rose: Installation Guide
If you only want to create a release area, click Done and then Next to create
the site defaults file.
to new features and known issues in the readme file. You can also view the
IBM developerWorks
Web pages. Click Finish to complete the installation of
the release area.
and then click Done and Next.
complete the installation of the release area.
IBM Rational software license agreement in the License Agreement page.
v If you accept the license agreement, the Setup wizard continues.
v If you do not accept the license agreement, exit the Setup wizard by clicking
Cancel and Finish.
clicking Change.
The Site Default Configuration page includes the release area description that
you entered previously. Specify whether to use the site defaults that you set for
your own computer. Either click Use the standard configuration (the site
defaults that you set) or I will create my own custom client configuration.
v If you select I will create my own custom client configuration:
– The Custom Setup page displays product features to select.
Do not use the number displayed in Custom Setup or click the Space
button on that page.
– When you click Next, you can change any of the existing site default
values. (Any changes to the site default values apply only to this single
installation.) After modifying the values, click Done and then click Install
to begin the installation.



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