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Chapter 4. Installing Rational Rose; Before You Start The Rational Setup Wizard - IBM E02D1LL-E - Rational Rose Enterprise Installation Manual

Installation guide
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Chapter 4. Installing Rational Rose

This section describes how to install Rational Rose using the Rational Setup
wizard. It includes instructions for the following tasks:
v "Installing from a release area" on page 20
v "Installation from a CD or Web download" on page 20
v "Running the IBM Rational LaunchPad and Setup wizard" on page 20
v "Interrupting an installation" on page 21
v "Rational Setup wizard warnings and blocks" on page 21
v "Performing a silent installation" on page 22
v "Command syntax for setup.exe" on page 23
v "Command syntax for MSIEXEC.exe" on page 24
v "Licensing your software" on page 24

Before you start the Rational Setup wizard

The following general requirements are necessary to run the Rational Setup wizard
on your system.
v Log in as a user with administrator privileges.
v Verify that your system meets the minimum requirements and is running on the
v Make available a backup copy of your registry and system directories. Also see,
v If you have Rational products on your system from a previous release, this
v Before you begin the installation, stop all applications.
v Turn off all virus protection software. These programs often run in the
v If you do not have the correct version of Windows Installer software on your
v The Setup wizard uses C:\Program Files\Rational as the default installation
v The Setup wizard requires that you install all IBM Rational products in the same
v The Setup wizard installs Microsoft
© Copyright IBM Corp. 1993, 2006
correct operating system, see the IBM Rational Rose Release Notes.
Backup guidelines in Preparing to install IBM Rational Rose.
installation process uninstalls them. Back up any local files and data related to
those versions.
background and interfere with the performance of the installation application
because the virus protection checks each file that is installed.
computer, the Setup wizard installs it. If you cancel the installation, the updated
version of Windows Installer is not removed. In some cases, you might have to
restart the computer.
directory. If you already have Rational products installed on the computer, the
Setup wizard installs additional Rational products in the same directory.
files on the same drive as the operating system (often drive C), even if you have
specified an alternate drive for installation. These files can require 5 to 15 MB of
temporary disk space on your hard disk.
Core Components and some additional



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