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Chapter 3. Installing This Product As Part Of Ibm Rational Suite; Site Defaults File Required For Each Product; Change To Search Order For License Keys - IBM E02D1LL-E - Rational Rose Enterprise Installation Manual

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Chapter 3. Installing this product as part of IBM Rational Suite

In this release of IBM Rational Suite, the products offered can only be installed
individually. You can no longer install a collection of Rational products as a single
Rational Suite. The products are installed separately to support patching and
If you are installing Rational products for the first time, follow the instructions in
the installation guide for each product that you install.
If you have installed a Rational product that was a part of Rational Suite, review
the upgrade section of this guide carefully. Version 7.0 is a major release that
includes changes to installation and other operating processes, dependencies
between products, and interoperability with product integrations. In some cases,
tasks must be performed in a specific sequence, for example, upgrading server
components before upgrading clients.
As of version 7.0, all Rational products installed on a computer must be the same
version. How different versions are removed depends on which versions are
v If you installed multiple Rational products as part of Rational Suite, and those
v If you installed multiple Rational products as part of Rational Suite, and those
v If you installed multiple Rational products not as part of Rational Suite, when

Site defaults file required for each product

You can no longer use the Site Preparation wizard to create a single site defaults
file that installs multiple products of Rational Suite. For version 7.0, you must
create and run a site defaults file for each product.

Change to search order for license keys

If you have a license for a previous release of Rational Suite, that license is valid in
the current release, but the search order for the license key has changed.
In earlier releases, when a product from Rational Suite was installed, the Rational
License Key Administrator (LKAD) application tried to find a license key that
corresponded to Rational Suite. If such a key was not available, LKAD searched for
a key that corresponded to the product itself.
In version 7.0, LKAD looks for the product-specific license key first. You can still
use the License Usage Mapper in LKAD to change this search order or have the
application not search for a Rational Suite key. For more information about
licensing, see the IBM Rational License Management Guide.
© Copyright IBM Corp. 1993, 2006
products are version 2003.06.xx, installing version 7.0 of any product uninstalls
all products in Rational Suite, not just the one you are upgrading. After
installing a product in the current release, you must reinstall all other version 7.0
Rational products that you use.
products are version 2002.05.00 or earlier, you must uninstall all other Rational
products that you use and reinstall them individually.
you install version 7.0 of any product, the other products are not uninstalled.
You must install and upgrade each product separately.



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