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Chapter 2. Configuring The Installation; Administrator Privileges; Configuring Licensing; Licensing Rational Rose Variants - IBM E02D1LL-E - Rational Rose Enterprise Installation Manual

Installation guide
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Chapter 2. Configuring the installation

Administrator privileges

To install Rational Rose on a Windows
to a Windows domain account that is a member of the local computer's
Administrators group. You must also have the correct privileges regardless of the
installation method (including silent installation) that you use. If you are not
logged on with the appropriate privileges, the product installation fails. You do not
see any information in the installation log file indicating that incorrect privileges
caused the failure.

Configuring licensing

Licensing Rational Rose variants

IBM Rational Rose uses a license key for the variant of Rose that you install, or a
Rational Suite key that includes that Rose variant.

Configuring Rational Common Licensing

This section provides an overview of the license management tools used with IBM
Rational products.
The IBM Rational License Management Guide describes the license management tools
and how to set up your license server configuration. It also describes the different
types of license keys and provides instructions for requesting, installing, upgrading
and moving licenses. If you are installing IBM Rational products for the first time,
you must read this guide to understand the license configurations available and
the processes for obtaining and managing the license keys.
The following tools are used to manage Rational Common Licensing:
v AccountLink is a Web-based tool available from the IBM Rational Licensing and
v The IBM Rational License Server, which you must install from it's CD, monitors
v The License Key Administrator (LKAD) is used to import license keys on target
v The License Tools utility provides an interface to managing the FLEXlm License
© Copyright IBM Corp. 1993, 2006
Download Center and is used to obtain license keys.
Note: At the time of publication, AccountLink is the online license fulfillment
tool for IBM Rational software customers. In the future, AccountLink will
be replaced by the Rational License Key Center, an online system that
offers additional features and an easier license key fulfillment experience.
You will access the new system, when it is available, using the same
location on the Web that is currently used for AccountLink: This page
will provide all of the information and instructions you need to manage
license keys using the Rational License Key Center.
license access, tracks the number of simultaneous users, and performs other
tasks related to managing licenses.
systems that run Rational products and change license configurations.
Manager, the license server software.
operating system, you must be logged on



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