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Creating A Release Area And Site Defaults File - IBM E02D1LL-E - Rational Rose Enterprise Installation Manual

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Creating a release area and site defaults file

A release area is a network shared drive that contains installation files that you
install by using the Setup wizard and that you configure for easy and consistent
installation by users. These files include one or more site defaults files that contain
default settings that apply to all users who perform a standard installation from
the release area.
There are two methods for creating site defaults files. Both methods create a disk
image of product files in a shareable directory on the network. The first method
creates a release area (Enterprise Deployment). The second method (Site
Preparation wizard) does not create a release area. You can also use these methods
to install the product on your computer after creating a site defaults file.
v Run the Setup wizard on the IBM Rational Rose CD or click Setup.exe after you
v Run the Site Preparation wizard multiple times to create multiple site defaults
If users click siteprep.exe without specifying a site defaults file and a sitedefs.dat
file is not in the release area, the Site Preparation wizard creates a new site defaults
Using the Setup Wizard to create a release area and site defaults
This section explains how you can use the Setup wizard to create a release area
and populate it with site defaults files. You can use this release area to install
Rational products on servers or client desktops.
The default site defaults file is sitedefs.dat. If users can run the setup.exe
command with no arguments, the Setup wizard uses the settings in sitedefs.dat. You
can create multiple site defaults files that are specific to different products or teams
and assign them meaningful names, such as developers_rose.dat or
qualityengr_rose.dat. Users can install the product with the configurations you create
by specifying the site defaults file with the setup.exe command, for example,
setup.exe developers_rose.dat. Or you can prepare shortcuts for these files, such as
developers_rose or developers_rose.lnk, which users can run from their desktops.
When creating a site defaults file, do not add a file name extension, such as
sitedefs.developers.dat. The maximum length of the path for the release area of a
Rose Deployment installation is approximately 30-35 characters. This limit changes,
depending on the product being installed and the length of the paths of the files
that each product installs. You might also see different error messages when the
root path exceeds the maximum length.
If you plan to apply a fix pack to a release area, see "Applying a fix pack to a
release area" on page 12.
1. Make the release area directory shareable. Even if the drive that contains the
IBM Rational Rose: Installation Guide
extract the files. For more information, see "Using the Setup Wizard to create a
release area and site defaults file" on page 10.
When you create a release area from CD, you might be required to replace the
first CD after the second CD is finished copying.
files. For more information, see "Running the Site Preparation Wizard to create
multiple site defaults files" on page 13.
directory is already shareable, making the directory itself shareable makes it
easier to find the product release area.
a. In Windows Explorer, right-click the network release area and click Sharing



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