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Setting Up Silent Installations Of Ibm Rational Products - IBM E02D1LL-E - Rational Rose Enterprise Installation Manual

Installation guide
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6. If files required for the installation are in use while the Setup wizard is running
7. When the Setup Complete page opens, review the current information related
Running the Site Preparation Wizard to create multiple site
defaults files
In some cases, your site might require multiple site defaults files. For example, if
several users use Rational Rose but need to work with different default settings
(such as Rational Rose features), you can create one site defaults file for each group
of users.
To create multiple site defaults for a release area:
1. Create the initial release area as described in "Using the Setup Wizard to create
2. Open the site defaults file created in Step 1 (sitedefs.dat, for instance) by
3. Click File > Save as to save a new site defaults file. You are prompted to enter
If you enter the name of an existing site defaults file, a warning message opens.
You can overwrite the existing file or specify a different file name to create a new
site defaults file.
You can create additional site defaults files in this way.

Setting up silent installations of IBM Rational products

Silent installation is a method of installing Rational products on client computers
without intervention from users. It greatly reduces the work of an administrator
during a deployment. It also ensures that the correct software configuration is
installed on each server and desktop.
This section describes how to set up and test the performance of a silent
v If you select Use the standard configuration, the features for the existing site
default values are used for the installation. To begin the installation, click
Next and then click Install .
and shared components must be installed, the Setup wizard may need to restart
your computer. If so, a Restart Windows page opens.
Select Restart or Don't Restart. If you select Don't Restart, the wizard reminds
you that the installation cannot complete until Windows restarts.
The second part of the installation process starts after you log on.
to new features and known issues in the readme file. In addition, you can view
the IBM developerWorks Web pages. Click Finish to complete the installation.
a release area and site defaults file" on page 10. Set up this area with the
site-specific parameters needed by the first group of users.
clicking File > Open. The Site Preparation wizard displays the values set in
sitedefs.dat. Keep the values that apply to both groups and change the values
to meet the needs of the second group.
a file name and folder for the new site defaults file.
v If you started the site preparation on the command line and specified a
file-name argument for the site defaults file (for example, sitedefs.dat) the
Folder and File name fields include this information. You can save the
modified site defaults files with a new file name, for example
v If no file name was specified, the File name field is blank. Type a file name
that does not currently exist in the release area.
Chapter 2. Configuring the installation



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