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Interrupting An Installation; Rational Setup Wizard Warnings And Blocks - IBM E02D1LL-E - Rational Rose Enterprise Installation Manual

Installation guide
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10. A Restart Windows page opens if the Setup wizard needs to restart your
11. After the Setup Complete page opens, review the information related to new

Interrupting an installation

If you close the Setup wizard while the installation is in progress, your computer
might be in an unstable state, and you might need to restart it.

Rational Setup wizard warnings and blocks

If you encounter blocks or warnings during the installation procedure and do not
remember the entire message, see Table 3.
2. From the LaunchPad page, you can access additional information about the
product or proceed with the installation.
3. On the Deployment Method page, select Desktop installation from CD
4. The Upgrade Warning is displayed if you have previous versions of Rational
products on your computer. If you continue with the installation, these
products are uninstalled.
5. The License Agreement page displays the IBM Rational software license
agreement. You must agree to the agreement before continuing with the
installation. To accept the agreement, click Agree; to exit from the installation,
click Decline.
6. The Destination Folder page displays the default destination folder for the
installation. To select a different destination folder for the installation, click
Change. You cannot modify this selection if you have installed other Rational
products from this release on this computer.
7. If you are installing from a release area, the Site Default Configuration page
opens. To accept the site default values configured by your administrator, click
Use the standard configuration. Use the custom installation option if your
administrator recommends it.
8. If you are using the custom configuration option, the Custom Setup page is
9. Click Install.
computer. The second part of the installation process begins after you log on
features and known issues in the readme file. In addition, you can view the
IBM developerWorks Web pages. To complete the installation, click Finish.
Table 3. Warnings and blocks
Warning or block
You are attempting to install on an
unsupported operating system.
You are attempting to install on a
system with an unsupported browser.
You are attempting to install on a
system that has an version of Microsoft
Office that is not compatible with
You are attempting to install on an
unsupported version of WebSphere
Install the product on a supported operating
system. For a complete list of supported operating
systems and service packs, see the release notes.
For a complete list of supported browsers, see the
release notes.
For a complete list of supported versions, see the
release notes.
Use a supported version. For the complete list of
supported operating systems, see the release
Chapter 4. Installing Rational Rose



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