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Installing From A Release Area; Installation From A Cd Or Web Download; Running The Ibm Rational Launchpad And Setup Wizard - IBM E02D1LL-E - Rational Rose Enterprise Installation Manual

Installation guide
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Installing from a release area

Your administrator can configure a release area for installing Rational products. All
installation files are included and configured to install the product by running a
site default file. When you install products from a release area, the installation
screens present default values. You should accept these values by running a
standard rather than customized configuration; if you have any concerns about the
default values, see your administrator.
To install a Rational product from the release area:
1. Ask your administrator for the name of the release area and one of the
2. Log on to your local system as a user with administrator privileges.
3. Run the installation
For more information about the Setup wizard, see "Running the IBM Rational
LaunchPad and Setup wizard."

Installation from a CD or Web download

This section describes a typical installation of a product from the product CD or
from a software package that you downloaded from the IBM Rational Licensing
and Download center.
1. Log in as a user with Administrator rights on the local machine.
2. Insert the IBM Rational product-name Disk (or, Disk 1 if multiple disks) into the
3. If you downloaded the software, extract the files and click Setup.exe. The Setup

Running the IBM Rational LaunchPad and Setup wizard

The LaunchPad starts the Setup wizard, which guides you through the software
installation. To continue the installation process, follow the instructions that the
LaunchPad and Setup wizard provide.
The following provides information about the steps of the Setup wizard.
IBM Rational Rose: Installation Guide
v The site defaults file, if the administrator configured one other than the
default (sitedefs.dat).
v A defaults shortcut, such as sitedefs_roseclient or sitedefs_roseclient.lnk.
v In a command window, use the cd command to navigate to the root
directory of the release area. Then enter the command setup.exe; include a
site defaults file if your administrator has configured one, for example:
setup.exe sitedefs_roseclient.dat
v In Windows Explorer, expand the mapped drive and run the shortcut
specified by your administrator, for example, sitedefs_roseclient.lnk or
CD drive. If autorun is enabled, the installation begins. If autorun is disabled,
click Start > Run and enter the following command where cd_drive is the letter
of the CD drive:
wizard starts.
1. If the product you are installing has been translated to the language of your
operating system, the language selector is the first window that opens after
you start the Setup wizard. You can select English or the language of your
operating system.



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