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Before You Begin - Motorola DCX3501-M Quick Start Manual

Hd dual tuner dvr
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Before You Begin

Congratulations on receiving a Motorola DCX3501-M HD Dual Tuner DVR. This document will help you set up your DCX3501-M set-top to quickly
get it up and running.
1. Determine if you are connecting to a:
High-Definition TV (HDTV)
or monitor
Standard-Definition TV
2. Determine if you are connecting the audio to a home theater receiver or directly to the TV:
• For an HDMI or IEEE-1394 video connection, no additional audio connections to the TV are required.
• For a DVI video connection, additional audio connections to the TV are required.
• If the receiver or TV has a digital audio (S/PDIF) input, use the Digital Audio (S/PDIF) output. Otherwise, use the left and right (RCA phono)
audio outputs.
3. Locate the cabling diagram(s) that best match the configuration.
4. Connect the audio and video cables in a manner matching that diagram.
5. Connect the Cable In terminal to the coaxial cable wall outlet.
6. Connect the power cord to the set-top and the electrical wall outlet.
7 . Perform the operational check for the remote control.
8. Optimize the high-definition settings.
Additional information for adjusting user settings
The DCX set-top User Settings menu allows you to adjust the video, audio, and closed captioning configuration of the set-top.
The User Settings menu can be accessed from the DCX set-top remote by pressing Power and then Menu within 2 seconds.
For more detailed instructions on changing the set-top configuration through the User Settings menu, please refer to the DCX3501-M User
Guide available online at
DCX3501-M Quick Start Guide
The DCX3501-M HD DVR has a 500GB hard drive allowing for approximately
72-hours of HD record time (this may vary based on programming and other
recordings). A full User Guide is not available at this time.
Use the HDMI, component video (YPbPr), or IEEE-1394 outputs. No other video connection supports HDTV.
If the TV has no HDMI input but does have a DVI input, connect a DVI-to-HDMI adapter or cable to the HDMI
out connector on the DCX set-top and the DVI input connector on the TV.
Use the RF Out connector on the DCX set-top, if the TV does not support S-Video or composite video
connections. The RF connection carries video and audio.
Not currently available online.

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