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Motorola DCX3501-M Quick Start Manual page 12

Hd dual tuner dvr
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Problem — If this occurs:
There is no audio
from the center and/or
surround speakers of a
home theater receiver
connected to the
There is no video on the
TV screen
No graphics or
program guides appear
on the TV screen
DCX3501-M Quick Start Guide
Solution — Then do one of the following:
• Not all Dolby Digital programs feature full 5.1 surround sound. In some cases, the programs may only contain
left and right stereo audio.
• Verify that the S/PDIF cable (coaxial or optical) is firmly connected to the set-top and the home theater
• Verify that the home theater receiver is set to a surround sound audio mode (Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II,
Dolby Pro Logic).
• Verify that the receiver is properly configured to work with all connected speakers.
• Verify that the TV is powered on and set to the appropriate input source for the set-top.
• Verify that the set-top is powered on and tuned to an authorized cable channel.
• Verify that all video cables between the set-top and the TV are firmly connected.
• Verify that the coaxial cable feed is firmly connected to the set-top and the wall jack.
• If the set-top video output is connected to a home theater unit, verify that the home theater unit is powered
on and set to the appropriate input source.
• If the set-top video output is connected to a TV through an HDMI connection, power off the TV and then
power off the set-top. Wait one second and then power on the devices.
• Not all HDTVs can display every output format (1080i, 1080p, 720p, 480p, or 480i) available on the set-top. To
select a different format:
Ensure that your set-top is plugged into a power outlet and is turned off.
Ensure the TV is turned on and tuned to the appropriate channel for the set-top.
Press the MENU key on the front panel. Your settings are displayed on the set-top front panel display.
Use the ▲ and ▼ keys on the front panel to display the HDMI/YPbPr OUTPUT setting.
Press the ► key to cycle through the available output formats until a picture displays on the TV.
If you use the IEEE-1394 connection, on-screen graphics, including closed captions and program guides, are
not displayed by the set-top. On-screen graphics and captions may still be overlaid by your TV, if enabled.
Alternatively, use HDMI or component video instead.

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