Motorola DCX700M Quick Start Manual

Multi-room dvr
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  • Page 1 • 496-5800...
  • Page 2 Welcome to the Multi-Room DVR experience! With Multi-Room DVR you will now be able to watch, record, and delete programs on your Digital Video Recorder (DVR) from any room in your home. You can also use the powerful new bookmarking capabilities which allow you to resume watching the same program in another room from exactly where you left off.
  • Page 3 My Recordings Screen The My Recordings screen provides a listing of all your existing recorded programs and in-progress recordings. The program series recordings are automatically placed in folders to allow you to quickly find your favorite shows. Select the folder to view one or more series recordings on your DVR.
  • Page 4: Watch A Recording

    Resume Playback From… The Resume Playback From… menu offers you the following playback options: Choose This room’s latest position to watch from where playback was stopped on this TV. Choose Master Bedroom’s latest position to watch from where playback was stopped in the room where your DVR is located.
  • Page 5: Main Menu Options

    Main Menu You can access the Main Menu by pressing the MENU button on the remote at any time the MR-DVR application is running. The options presented will vary depending on the screen or function the user is interacting with. The image on the right shows the options available from the My Recordings screen.
  • Page 6 Pause Live TV on Remote Cable Box This function is only available from the My Recordings screen (see page 3 for more information). Use one of the following options: Press PAUSE button on the menu bar. Press PAUSE button on the remote. Please note that the PAUSE function on your remote cable box is slightly different than on your DVR.
  • Page 7: Schedule A Recording

    Schedule a Recording Press the MENU button on your remote. Select the Schedule a Recording icon on the menu and press the OK button on your remote. On the Schedule a Recording screen, use the up and down and arrows on the remote to select the Channel, Date, Adjust time by, and What’s in-progress at: fields.
  • Page 8: Cancel A Future Recording

    Cancel a Future Recording Select View Scheduled Recordings from the Main Menu. In the Future Recording screen, use the up and down arrow keys on your remote to select and highlight the future recording you want to delete. Press the MENU button on your remote to display the Main Menu.