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Installation; Important Safety Considerations; Before You Begin - Motorola DCT6200 Installation Manual

High definition cable receiver
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Section 3


This section provides instructions for cabling the DCT* and checking its operation. The cabling
diagrams assist you with the installation.
In this Installation Manual, DCT* refers to both the DCT6200 and DCT6208 High Definition
Cable Receivers.

Important Safety Considerations

When transporting or installing the DCT*, follow these important safety considerations:
Handle DCT*s carefully – mishandling can damage the hard disk drive
To avoid damage due to condensation, avoid drastic temperature changes when
transporting the DCT*
To prevent overheating, be sure to advise the subscriber to allow adequate ventilation and
airflow around the DCT*:
Position the DCT* with at least 2 inches of space above and on all sides
Do not block the slots and openings in the DCT*
Do not place anything on top of the DCT*
Do not position the DCT* in an enclosed space that would restrict airflow around the
Do not position the DCT* near any external heat source that could raise the
temperature around the unit

Before You Begin

Before you move or change components on the subscriber entertainment system, review the
installation instructions, gather the required items, and complete the tasks listed below:
Determine if the subscriber system requirements include an RF Bypass module or A/B
switch. Installation instructions are provided with the module if purchased separately.
Determine if you are connecting the DCT* to a standard TV, a composite (baseband)
monitor, or a component monitor.
Verify that you have the necessary audio/visual cables for the selected installation.
Place the DCT* on a smooth, flat surface and remove any obstructions that could interfere
with the free flow of air over, under, or around it.
DCT6200\DCT6208 Installation Manual


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